Friday, June 26, 2015

Happy Hour: Black Market Brewing

One of the thoughts behind this blog was to use it as a place to share reviews of the many things we try. We try a lot of craft beers and therefore it only seems fitting that our first review should be a beer from a craft brewery. We plan to review more than just beers, but we thought a Friday was the perfect day to begin our Happy Hour session.

The beer selection we'll be discussing today is the Goliath beer from Black Market Brewing in Temecula, CA. We first discovered this beer during our trip to Temecula, CA where the wife found a blogging conference to attend. We turned it into a mini-vacation and discovered that Temecula has a lot more to offer than you would think, including a few great beer selections.
Overall, this is a great beer. It starts with a sharp grainy hit to the nose, that isn't overpowering. The carbonation is kept to a light tingle of the tongue. This is important for any good dark, non-nitro beer. The hops are noticeable but don't overpower the maltiness of the beer. This Belgian is thick and potent with an alcoholic kick that can bowl you over. The sweet grainy flavor of this fantastic beer lingers on the tongue long after the beer is gone, leaving you begging for more. 

We found this beer during a visit to the actual brewery. I was delighted to engage in conversation with the employees of the brewery. One of the employees shared his secret for a great mix. He suggested mixing it with their Revolution oatmeal stout. The mix was outstanding! We sampled a few of their other beers while we were there and discovered they have a heffenweizen that tastes faintly of bananas. 

Overall I was truly impressed with this brewery. The atmosphere was pleasant and the employees were very friendly and accommodating. They had some beers that we can not give honest reviews for because they are not our typical style. I will say that we were impressed enough to visit a second time during our visit which is always a good sign!

Rating: 6 out of 10

Until next time, keep looking for adventures!


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