Monday, June 22, 2015

Why June 22nd?

The big question of the day is why did we pick June 22nd as the day of our launch? I'll give you the brief story behind our relationship and you'll quickly be able to answer the question. I say brief because I'm not going to go into all of the details in this post - I'm sure they will slowly come out over time.

Three years ago, in a small pub in Charleston, a coastie asked if he could join a couple of gals at their table. There were empty seats so they happily said "sure." He took the seat and before long, two of them were deep in conversation. Over the course of a couple of hours, they talked about everything from cooking sprays to the military to online dating. The topics were wide and varied but they enjoyed the conversation greatly. They exchanged numbers at the end of the night and the rest is history. (Well, not really - the Coastie Couple hasn't made history yet.)

A year into dating, the coastie received orders to the San Francisco area. The gal stayed in Charleston, while the coastie headed to California. This is how they started the long distance portion of their relationship. After a year filled with deployments and only two opportunities to see each other, they decided to close the distance. The gal packed her bags and headed to California to welcome her coastie back to land.

After two years of dating, the time seemed right and the coastie proposed to the gal in August of 2014. The fall was filled with apartment hunting, moving across the country in a uHaul, and a small, simple wedding in Arkansas. And thus, the coastie and the gal became husband and wife on September 19th (which is very fitting since it's also Talk Like a Pirate Day).

It was May of 2015 when the husband looked at the wife and suggested an idea. His idea was to start a joint blog full of reviews from coast to coast. It seemed like a fitting idea since after all the husband and the wife are both writers and they've traveled from coast to coast.

Now, The Coastie Couple invite you to take a look around their site and enjoy the many things they are about to bring you (including a zucchini recipe and craft beer review this week)!

Until next time, bring a smile to someone's face!

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