Wednesday, July 29, 2015

July SpouseBox

In June, I decided to look into subscription boxes. I had been curious about these for quite a while and figured it would be something fun to try out. The first box I tried out was the Popsugar Must Have box. You can read about that box on my blog today. I enjoyed it a lot and decided to try out another one for the month of July. This time, I chose the Spouse Box which is geared towards military spouses. I'm going to share my first box with you below. Enjoy!

One of the items in the box was this motivational print with a picture frame to hold it in. I am excited about this because I love motivational sayings and prints. This one fits with my goals lately as well. I have a lot of big dreams that I'm currently focusing on. I will probably pick a different frame for it but I'm looking forward to displaying it as a reminder to just go for it.

The next (and biggest) item in the box was this set of cookies that look like mini-cupcakes. I was (unfortunately) not impressed with these at all. I'm currently trying to focus on eating healthy so seeing cookies in the box went against my goals. However, there was another reason that these were not enjoyed (see the next picture!).

The packaging of the cookies at first glance seemed nice. Then, I discovered there were gaping holes that my fingers could fit into. This explained the cookie crumbs in the box. Since this was the case, I didn't even try to offer these to the husband - I figured they would be stale.

While I wasn't impressed with the cookies, I was impressed with how Spouse Box handled the situation. After hearing feedback (within a day of boxes arriving in homes), they sent out and email with a 20% off code and an apology. They are still in the learning phases and this was an experience that they said they'll learn from. Way to go Spouse Box team!

The next item in the box was a cute decal. While this isn't something I'd buy for myself, I am going to find a place to put it. They showed it on a computer for an example. I'm debating between my laptop or a journal. I'll let you know what I decided!

I found this next item very nifty but I don't have a use for it. It is a little pocket that you can put on the back of your cell phone to hold cards. While I find this to be a cool concept, I also don't have a use for it. My cell phone case already has a couple of card slots that I can use. I am going to try to find a use for this one though because I love the saying on the front. I'm debating using it to hold business cards inside of a notebook. Do you have any other ideas for me?

The last item in the box was a cute coaster. While I do think it's a cute coaster, I did have two problems with it. The first problem goes back to the cookie crumbs - they really stuck to the top of the coaster. I had to put some effort into brushing them off. The second problem is that I'm a very symmetrical person. I love coasters but I can't see myself putting this one out anywhere because it would be a loner without a match.

Overall, I wasn't overly impressed with this box. I am going to give it another shot though since it's just $25 a month and the sneak peeks for next month look really intriguing! I don't believe in basing my opinion of something on one experience alone.

I do love the customer experience of this company. I also love that they try to include things from milspo (military spouse) owned companies. They really are all about supporting our military and their families! Don't worry - I'll be sure to share next month's box with you as well!

And don't forget to go check out July's Popsugar box here!


  1. This is such a fun idea for a subscription box! I love that its catered towards military spouses and that is such a beautiful print!

  2. What a nice box idea! That's weird about the coaster, I've never seen them individual before, hahah. You'd think they'd at least come in a pair of two? It's cute though :) Maybe use it at your desk?

  3. The coaster issue is definitely very strange. There were quite a few cute things in the box though. I am excited to see what the next box will contain. I also definitely need to go look at your Popsugar unboxing to see your thoughts on that one!