Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Chopped Inspired Challenge

I first met Tara of An Aiming High Wife in a military blogging group on Facebook. When I saw that she was hosting a Chopped inspired challenge, I decided it would be a fun challenge for my husband and me to participate in. We love to cook so the idea of creating a meal based on a few ingredients was very intriguing.

We were assigned to a group and give the following ingredients to work with: chicken, garlic, coconut milk, and ice tea. It took us a little while to figure out what we wanted to make. We did head over to Pinterest for a little more direction on how to prepare the chicken using coconut milk after we decided that was how we were going to do things. We didn't follow a recipe exactly, but we did use one for inspiration and I'll share it when we get to that part. (In our defense, we were short on time for this challenge and didn't really have time for an excess of trial and error!)

So, here goes nothing...

This is our finished meal. We chose to do coconut bread chicken (coconut milk + chicken), sweet lemon tea (iced tea), and garlic bread (garlic). The artichoke was thrown in as a side because I had never tried one before. We felt it was time to change that (plus we wanted to throw a vegetable in there and our asparagus was too expensive for our original plan of garlic asparagus).

For the chicken, we loosely followed this recipe that we found on Valley Ridge Recipes. We modified the recipe a little, choosing to do chicken nuggets instead of strips. We also chose to use our FryDaddy to fry the chicken instead of a skillet with oil. (We normally bake our chicken, so this was a new experience for us. I'm curious to try this recipe again with baking.) The nuggets turned out really well. We dipped them in sweet chili sauce and ranch.

For the garlic bread, we used a combination of butter and spices that I recently discovered created delicious bread. I'll be uploading the full recipe for them soon. These were a classic favorite that we continue to enjoy.

The artichoke was cooked by boiling it on the stove. (Since posting about it on Instagram and Facebook, I have been given all sorts of new ideas for trying this vegetable again!) We paired it with ranch for dipping.

For the iced tea, we brewed some I Love Lemon tea from Bigelow. After it was brewed, we added ice and sugar to create a sweet tea. I would recommend brewing the tea before you get started with everything else and putting some in the fridge so that it has time to cool down.

Overall, we enjoyed our meal a lot. We also enjoyed the challenge that came with creating a meal using specific ingredients. I think it was the coconut milk that threw us off the most. We cook with chicken and garlic all the time. Don't forget to come back and check out the super simple recipe for delicious garlic bread!

What would you have done with the ingredients we were given? How would you use chicken, coconut milk, garlic, and iced tea?


  1. It looks delicious!

  2. Wow, this looks great! I wish I was more of a cook! :)

  3. That chicken sounds awesome! I'm totally going to try that!

  4. So fun! I love cooking challenges!