Saturday, October 3, 2015

Thirty Ways to Celebrate a Birthday

I postponed our normal Friday post until Saturday this week for a reason. (For once, the reasons wasn't procrastination.) Today is the husband's 30th birthday and I wanted to celebrate with our followers. We'll be postponing our celebration until we're in the same location again but I didn't want the day to go unnoticed.

Today, I'm bringing you a list of ideas to celebrate your birthday. (Mine is coming up later this month so this list is perfect timing on two accounts! I won't be 30 yet though.) Since the husband is celebrating 30 years of being alive, I thought I'd include thirty ideas on the list. I hope you enjoy the list and don't forget to wish the husband Happy Birthday in the comments!

1. Send a card.
2. Throw a party.
3. Go out to dinner. (Birthday person's choice.)
4. Go to the spa.
5. Grab a drink.
6. Have a movie marathon. Birthday person's choice.
7. Host a game night.
8. Go to a concert.
9. Go to a renaissance faire. (I've actually done this for my birthday.)
10. Throw a surprise party.
11. Buy a present.
12. Go on a shopping spree.
13. Start a __ before __ list. (I'll be making a 30 before 30 list this year.)
14. Write your future self a letter.
15. Do something you've always wanted to do.
16. Splurge on something you ordinarily wouldn't.
17. Go to an event (festival, fair, carnival, etc).
18. Take a trip.
19. Get a massage.
20. Pamper yourself. (At home or with a simple pedicure.)
21. Order pizza and enjoy a night in.
22. Go for a hike.
23. Go sightseeing in your own town (or nearest city).
24. Get a makeover. (Haircut or have your make up done.)
25. Go out dancing.
26. Go for a nice stroll or carriage ride through downtown.
27. Have a retro night and pretend to be kids again.
28. Get crafty - make something for your birthday or a friend's birthday.
29. Postpone celebrating until a later date. (Sometimes this is the only option you have.)
30. Ignore the day entirely. (For some, this is their favorite option.)

How is the husband celebrating? See #29. I sent the husband several e-cards via email with a message about celebrating later (including a picture of the 30 made out of wine corks). When deployments overlap with holidays, you have to get creative!

Don't forget to wish the husband happy birthday in the comments! I'd also love to hear about your favorite way to celebrate a birthday!

Until next time,
The Coastie Wife


  1. Happy Birthday husband! I felt I should leave you a message here since you're not likely to check any that I leave on Facebook!

  2. Happy birthday Josh! We love you! - Kari

  3. Happy Birthday to Josh!

    For Birthdays here we always try out a new restaurant (Birthday's choice) and get dessert :)