Friday, November 27, 2015

November Update

A lot has happened in the past week or two in our lives and I thought it was time to catch you up! We'll be back to reviews, travel, and other tips soon enough. Until then, here's a glimpse at what's been going on in our lives.

The first big piece of news is that the husband is back from deployment! It was a rainy day when his boat pulled in, but we didn't allow that to dampen the day. My sign stayed in the back of my friend's car but he had a great welcome home regardless. Signs don't matter as much as that first kiss after your husband returns!

The sign I made the night before the husband's boat returned. I took something personal (the Razorbacks from his home state) and turned it into a fun sign.

Normally I enjoy the rain because it's such a rarity in California. I wish it would have held off a little later on Tuesday though. It came and stuck around just for the homecoming. 

When I saw his boat pull into the pier, it finally felt real. The down side to homecomings is that it takes about an hour of watching them work before you get to actually see and touch your Coastie. The wait was my least favorite part.

The husband was super excited to be back in homeport after 104 days at sea. He had his bags already packed and was ready to get off the boat in no time.

I brought this bag full of his favorite candy (Twix) as a welcome home goodie bag. He also had a basket full of things waiting for him at home.

These envelopes were inside the basket. They are invitations to holiday date nights for all of the holidays we've missed in 2015 due to deployments. I'll be sharing more details about these in upcoming weeks as we celebrate the different holidays. Make sure you keep an eye on our Instagram for the updates!

The husband chose our dinner for his first night home. Beer cheese fondue won!

This was the first of the holiday boxes. It contained everything we would need to celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday - including shirts for our Turkey Trot and mini turkeys to paint together.

 Here is a (blurry) picture of our #turkey shirts that I made for the 5k Turkey Trot that we completed on Thanksgiving day.  It made for an early and cold day but we were all smiles at the end!

We both made it across the finish line of the 5k. The husband ran the event and I did a mixture of running and walking to the finish line. It was my first 5k and I'm excited to say I finished in less time than I predicted I would! The husband also did his best time!

After the 5k, it was off to Thanksgiving hosted by a couple we know from his boat. There was a lot of great food and fun for the day.

Our apple cider sangria was also a big hit! The recipe will be coming to the blog in the near future. There was absolutely none left at the end of the night.

In addition to all of our fun out and about, we've also been having some relaxing nights in with Once Upon a Time. You can see some of our fall decor in this picture, which has now been switched out to Christmas decor.

I'm off to enjoy some more Once Upon a Time with my husband. I'd love to hear what you've been up to lately! Leave us a comment about life lately. :)

Until next time,
The Wife

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