Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Book Review: The New Military Wife's Guide to Deployment

As you may know, we've been through several deployments during our time together. I've actually lost count at this point - I believe it's been five or six. This is why I was excited when I was offered the chance to read and review The New Military Wife's Guide to Deployment by Heather Goffrier of Happy Fit Navy Wife. I'm excited to bring you my review below.

I have to admit that I wasn't sure what to expect from Heather's book. I wasn't sure if I would be able to relate or not since every deployment and situation is different. I was pleasantly surprised to find myself saying "yes" to almost everything in the first chapter. I guess even though situations are different for everyone, a lot of the feelings and sentiments are the same.

I wish this book had been written three years ago - it would have helped me out a lot when we first started our deployments. Instead, I muddled along and found my own way, which has worked as well. I highly recommend this book for wives that are new to deployments and even to those that are old hats at it.

New wives will gain some insight about what to expect. As a new wife reading this book, you'll also gain some valuable tips on how to take care of yourself during a deployment. This is something that we often forget when our husbands are away. If you're interested in reading it, why not click here and use the special code of MIL20 for twenty percent off through the end of December!

Been through several deployments already? I still recommend giving this book a read. Like I mentioned, I've been through five or six deployments at this point (all 3 to 5 months long) and I still enjoyed reading this book. I enjoyed the book because it reminded me that everything I feel during a deployment is normal. I liked that it gave me the chance to feel like I'm not alone. In fact, I read this book at the end of our most recent deployment and found myself saying "yes" to a lot of the things Heather mentions.

Since this book is a quick read, I think I'm going to give it another read when our next deployment starts. (There always seems to be one right around the corner with this boat!) Want to join me in reading the book? Check out the sales page and get 20% off with the code MIL20 through December 31!

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