Friday, December 18, 2015

Eighth Day of Blogmas: Holiday Food & Drink

On the eighth day of Blogmas, The Coastie Couple shared eight holiday favorites...

This prompt came at the perfect time! I was just asking the husband what we should do for Christmas dinner earlier today. In case you're wondering, we haven't established our menu yet. I've set a deadline of the weekend for establishing what we're having so that we have plenty of time to shop.

1. Festive Appetizers
I'm sure you know the ones I'm talking about - one example are the trees made out of fruits and vegetables. Parties are a big thing for the holidays and with parties come a need for appetizers. If you search for holiday appetizers, you are bound to come across classic trays that have been converted into holiday shapes for more festivity.

2. Cooked Ham
I tend to think of ham as a Christmas food and turkey as a Thanksgiving food. Both are very labor intensive and take hours to cook which makes them great for holidays filled with family and festivities. I don't think our list would be complete without the inclusion of ham.

3. Turkey & Dumpling Casserole
This is a favorite that came to mind for the husband. This is a casserole that his grandma makes which consists of turkey, homemade dumplings, spices, and cream of mushroom soup. I haven't had this casserole yet so I can't attest to its value but the husband got very excited talking about it. It seemed perfect for the list too since casseroles are in high abundance around the holidays!

4. Homemade Macaroni & Cheese
I love macaroni and cheese - especially when it's homemade. It seems to be one of those things that comes out around the holidays more than other times of the year. I think I'm going to try to make my own this year. It's a nice side dish to that ham we mentioned earlier!

5. Candied Yams
The husband loves his candied yams! I will admit that they are a nice dessert type addition to our holiday meals. I'm not big on sweets but these do turn out well. They are also his favorite dish to bring to holiday get-togethers with friends.

6. Cookies
You can't have a list of Christmas foods without cookies. Cookie decorating is a huge activity for families this time of year! Between cookie swaps and decorating parties, cookies can be found in abundance when the Christmas trees come out. In fact, I'm going to a cookie party tomorrow night!

7. Mulled Wine
This has become a new favorite this year. When we went to the Dickens Faire, we enjoyed some of their spiced mulled wine. It was so good that the husband was determined to make some when we got home.  It turned out really well and we'll definitely be making some more before the holiday season is up. I haven't been able to talk him into sharing his recipe on the blog yet though.

8. Eggnog
Remember a couple of weeks ago when we shared our eggnog recipe?  This drink has been a holiday tradition for us since our first year of dating when the husband first introduced me to it. It's a drink that I look forward to every December.

What's on your holiday foods list? Have you decided on your menu yet for the big day? I'd love to hear what's on it if you have! (It might help me finalize our own menu!)

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