Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Eleventh Day of Blogmas: Holiday Photos

On the eleventh day of Blogmas, The Coastie Couple shared eleven holiday photos...

Today's post is all about pictures! We love taking pictures and chose to share a few of the things we've done this December with you!  (P.S. These are in no particular order!)

The wife wore a Christmas tree skirt to an ugly sweater party. It was a big hit!

We enjoyed the holiday decorations at the Castello in Calistoga, CA.

We got this beautiful ornament in an ornament exchange at the spouses party.

We've had a lot of fun hiding the elf around the apartment! 

The husband posed with the nutcrackers guarding the tree in Petaluma, CA.

The wife had fun playing holiday games with friends.

 We created our very own tree on the wall to compensate for our small space!

We started off the season with a little decorating and an Elf movie night.

We enjoyed the Dickens Fair after Thanksgiving and the husband even dressed up!

The wife had a lot of fun decorating cookies!

We saw real reindeer at the Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park.

What have you done this holiday season? We'd love to hear about it in the comments!


  1. I LOVE that ornament! I usually end up with pretty crappy ones during ornament exchanges.
    And I love the reindeer. Does the Academy of Sciences usually have Christmas things this time of year? We may have to do that next year. How fun!

    1. My understanding is that it's a yearly tradition. It was pretty neat to see what they had brought in for Christmas!

  2. oh gosh I love your Christmas Tree Skirt!

    1. It turned out way cuter than I originally thought it would!