Monday, December 14, 2015

Fourth Day of Blogmas: Holiday Quotes

On the fourth day of Blogmas, The Coastie Couple shared four holiday quotes...

This was a really hard prompt to complete. There are SO many good quotes out there! We did eventually narrow it down to four but I can't say they are the "best" four since there's so many more we could have chosen!

"Son of a nutcracker" is a phrase used in the movie Elf. It's such a fun phrase that has multiple meanings depending on your age. Since Elf has become a part of our traditions, it seemed fitting to pick a quote from the movie.

This quote is a memorable one from Christmas Story. It's a piece of advice that is given in the movie and comes up a time or two. The husband felt like it was a good one to include on the list.

Christmas with the Kranks is another movie that we seem to watch every year. The husband randomly said "Free Frosty!" which is an integral piece of this movie and I felt it was a fitting quote to add to our list. I sure hope we never give up on Christmas like the Kranks did in the movie!

After a long discussion about how great Dr. Seuss was, we sat down to watch The Grinch for the first time this year in hopes of finding a great quote. This one is near the end of the movie and it sums up things in such a good way. It's a quote that goes beyond the movie and truly describes what Christmas is - it's not gifts or material things but rather a feeling that comes. This quote is a good reminder of what is important at the holidays.

What would make your list of quotes?


  1. Free frosty was definitely one of the main quotes in that movie. Love it!

  2. I had a feeling that Seuss quote would show up on other lists (it's one of mine, too). I watched Christmas with the Kranks for the first time ever this year, so Free Frosty is both an amusing and scary (for the mob mentality that neighborhood exhibited when someone decided to stray from their regimented ways) memory, now.

  3. The Grinch one is great. It really is so meaningful.

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