Monday, December 7, 2015

Holiday Fun for Couples

The holidays are a great time. They're full of festive events and lots of fun stuff - for the kids. I don't say this to be a Grinch. I love all of the fun stuff that's available for kids! I just feel like the adults get left out sometimes with all the family centered fun so I've rounded up a collection of fun ideas for couples without kids!

1. Decorate your house together.
Last year, I decorated the house by myself due to the husband's deployment schedule. This year, he was home right after Thanksgiving and we decorated the apartment together. It meant giving up a little control but I loved doing it together - we had a lot of fun coming up with small space solutions together! 

2. Take advantage of holiday movies.
Holiday movies are great, especially since they're often light-hearted and fun. They're not for everyday watching though - there seems to be a season just for them. Take this opportunity to enjoy a few movie date nights with a holiday theme.

3. Make a countdown calendar together.
Print out a blank December calendar. Fill in different days with fun activities for the two of you. Then, complete each activity together. Need some ideas? Check out the Holiday Moments calendar. 

4. Play Elf on the Shelf.
I loved doing Elf on the Shelf with my students in the classroom. Last year, I used a cheap ornament for a little fun while we were apart at the holidays. This year, I turned it into a game for the two of us. Each time one of us moves Willfare the Elf without the other one catching them, we get a point. There is something fun about finding the little elf in random spots around the apartment. You can follow the fun on our Instagram to see where he's hanging out!

5. Attend a holiday event together.
There are so many great holiday events out there right now! Take a look around your town and see what events are coming. Then, set up a date night to enjoy them. These are a great way to enjoy the holidays together, especially since a lot of them are free!

6. Exchange gifts.
Agree on some limitations and make sure you exchange gifts with each other. The limitations could be as simple as a price limit or as elaborate as certain types of gifts. (Funny, serious, certain color, etc)

7. Host a holiday party with all of your friends.
There are so many fun themes for parties this time of year - ugly sweater, white elephant, secret Santa, and so many more. Plan a party together and spend the holiday enjoying your friends together! You could even serve spiced eggnog using our recipe from last week!

8. Complete the 12 Days of Blogmas together.
Our 12 Days of Blogmas prompts aren't just for bloggers! You could use them as conversation starters to get to know each other better. Alternately, if you do have a blog, invite your significant other to join you in the blogging for 12 days! The husband and I will be completing the challenge together. I'm sure we're bound to learn something new about each other! 

9. Don't stress!
Remember that the holidays are supposed to be fun. Not everything is going to be perfect and that's okay. Sometimes when your plans go awry, you get the best stories to tell later!

How do you make the holidays fun for you and your significant other?

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