Thursday, December 17, 2015

Seventh Day of Blogmas: Winter Activities

On the seventh day of Blogmas, The Coastie Couple shared seven winter activities...

I'm going to keep today's post short because today I'm experiencing one of the not-so-fun sides of the holidays - getting sick. It seems like the change in the weather always brings sickness with it for me and for others. Being sick is certainly not one of my favorite activities, but unfortunately it is an activity that comes with the season.

To brighten up my day (and your day), here's a list of fun activities for the holidays!

1. Decorating the house.  There's something special about all the greenery and twinkling lights.

2. Building a snowman. This one is a bit more regional and I'm hoping the next place we go has some snow so that I can enjoy this activity in the future.

3. Holiday festivals. I love going to see light shows and attending holiday events like the Dickens Faire.

4. Holiday movie nights.  I love putting on warm pajamas, fuzzy socks, and curling up to watch a movie. Add in some hot chocolate and it's nearly the perfect night.

5. Simple walk or stroll. I love taking walks in the winter (especially if there's snow). To me, a winter walk is much more enjoyable than a summer walk because I don't have to worry about my clothes getting drenched in sweat.

6. Holiday parties. I love all of the fun parties that come with the holidays - especially the fun themed parties. There's something great about having fun with your friends.

7. Baking cookies. I love to bake and the holidays always provide plenty of reasons to bake. I'm not the best at baking cookies but I am getting better every year! (Brownies really are more my specialty.)

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