Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Small Space Living: Christmas Trees

As a military family, we move around a lot. This sometimes means living in a space that doesn't quite meet all of your needs. In an effort to save money and find a place quickly, we chose a one bedroom apartment for our first place as a married couple. It's a bit on the small side and that often causes problems when it comes to storing stuff and decorating for the holidays.

We decorated after Thanksgiving for the Christmas season. As we were decorating, we came up with a few alternatives to having a traditional Christmas tree. As much as we wanted a real tree this year, it just wasn't feasible in the space that we have. I thought I'd share our alternatives with you in case you're looking for something special for your unique space.

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Last year, we went with a very basic and small tree for the apartment. While it was a tree, it didn't allow much room for ornaments and barely allowed for lights. We've kept it part of our decorations this year but it's no longer our "main" tree. (I'll be sharing that one at the end of the post.) You can buy a Small Christmas Tree online or in a store near you. It doesn't take much hassle to put together.

Another alternative to the small tree that mimics a big tree is a metal tree. I'm not sure where we first got this tree but it originally had pink ornaments on it. A couple of years ago, I changed out the ornaments to create a new look on an old favorite. You can find a similar Metal Tree online or at a local store. I believe I saw a version at Target earlier this season.

If you're not into a small tree, whether fir or metal, you could always opt for a unique tree. I found this plunger Christmas tree at Big Lots last year and picked it up as a joke. It has since then become our bathroom Christmas tree.

Another small tree alternative is the burlap trees that you can find in many stores right now. (You can even do a Pinterest search and find ways to make your own!) We picked one up at Target this year and it makes a nice addition to our collection.

I love our small trees. They had a little extra to the decor around the apartment. However, they don't make the place feel festive in the same way as a big tree. This year, I set out to find the perfect solution for a big tree and I think we found it! We used a strand of garlandand some lights to create a wall tree!

I think this wall tree is one of my favorite trees yet. It's unique and turned out much cuter than I would have predicted. I'm going to try to give you my best directions for recreating it yourself. (Sorry there are no accompanying picture steps. I had no idea it would be blog worthy!)  We started by folding the garland in half and pinning the middle to the top of the wall. We used basic push pins for all pinning. Then, we zig-zagged the garland back and forth forming a tree shape as we went. We secured the sides with pins as we went along. The last step was adding lights and ornaments to the tree we had on the wall. We used the pins to loop the lights and hung the ornaments (light ones) the same way you would on a tree. The last step was adding a star to the top. The husband used a nail as a perch for the tree.

Don't want to bother with a tree but still want to display your favorite ornaments? I have a few solutions for that as well! You could buy a few ornament stands to use around the house. These are also helpful if you have a favorite ornament that is too heavy for a tree.

The last option for making your small space festive is decorating a wreath. Wreaths are easy to find in most stores this time of year and even easier to decorate. The husband took a plain wreath that was hiding in our Christmas stuff and added a few decorations to create something festive. It's one of my other favorite parts of our decorations this year. Didn't he do a great job?

An added bonus to displaying a wreath is that it can replace a tree if needed. You can use it to hold small ornaments and it still adds greenery to your scenery.

What has been your most unique holiday decorating solution over the years? We'd love to hear all about it in the comments below!


  1. Oh I love your wall tree, so cute, and so clever!! When we lived in a small apartment we just had a little tree on the bookshelf, this year is our first year in a proper sized house, so we have a proper tree (yay - although it is still high up out of reach because of the toddlers), and we even have lights up outside :)

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