Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Tenth Day of Blogmas: Facts

On the tenth day of Blogmas, The Coastie Couple shared facts about them...

For today's prompt, we're sharing 10 facts about us! Some of these you may know - others you might not!

1. We got engaged on the flight deck of his ship during a tiger cruise (when family and friends get to ride on the boat with their coastie for a short amount of time).

2. We love craft beer.

3. We were neither one big wine drinkers before we met each other. We developed our love of wine together.

4. We love to hike.

5. We can't wait to move to a bigger apartment.

6. We both own Chevy cars.

7. We live across the street from a Trader Joe's and prefer to walk there instead of driving somewhere.

8. We're both from the Southeast.

9. We both love dogs.

10. We both enjoy writing fiction in our free time.

What's something you'd like to share about yourself? We love getting to know our followers!

1 comment:

  1. cute list! I love that it's both of you and the things you do together.