Friday, December 11, 2015

Third Day of Blogmas: Signs of the Season

On the third day of Blogmas, The Coastie Couple shared three signs of the season...

Happy Friday! I hope you have something fun and festive planned for the day. I believe we're going to the movies and then I'll be attending an ugly sweater party with my Bunco group.

Today's topic is all about the signs of the season. These are the things that tell you Christmas is right around the corner. To make today's post a little more fun, we did a "he said, she said" sort of approach. You'll notice our lists cross over a tiny bit but not a ton.

The Husband says:

Store shelves - I know the holidays are coming with floods of decorations start to appear on the shelves.

Christmas lights - When towns and homes start lighting up in different colors, it's a sure sign that Christmas is coming.

Christmas carols - Music is another signal that Christmas is on it's way. The music that comes with the holidays is very distinct and everywhere this time of year.

The Wife says:

Christmas lights - I know the holidays are coming when I see that the town has decorated the streets. I love seeing the twinkling lights.

Holiday movies - One of the signals that Christmas is coming is the ABC Family Countdown to Christmas and the holiday section on Netflix. There are those certain movies that are best enjoyed by the light of a Christmas tree.

Trees - Tree lots have popped up everywhere! They smell of evergreen and tend to have twinkling lights around them. When I start seeing the green of trees, I know the holidays are coming!

We would love to hear about the things that tell you the holidays are around the corner! We also invite you to link up with us below so that we can check out your great holiday posts!


  1. I think Christmas lights are one of those universal things, no matter where you are, that spell out Christmas is coming. I love seeing them twinkling everywhere!

  2. Christmas lights are my favorite sign of the season as well!

  3. Such a cool rendition of this prompt! :) It's especially neat to see what your husband thinks too..Happy Friyay!

  4. Christmas movies is definitely a sign to me, as well. Love it!!!