Monday, January 4, 2016

Date Night Ideas for Military Couples: Out on the Town Edition

Finding time to spend together as a military couple can be hard with unpredictable schedules, deployments, and weird hours. It's important to take advantage of the time we do get though and that's why I'm bringing you ten date ideas today. This edition of date ideas focuses on dates that take you out of the house. A future post will focus on date ideas for around the house.

Here's a few new ideas to get you out of the house while spending time together.

1. Be a tourist in your town.
One of the advantages of the military is that you move around often. This means that there are lots of opportunities to see new things. Take a day and be tourists together in your current town. See the top attractions and spend the day exploring new things.

2. Try a new restaurant.
Moving around a lot means there's also lots of opportunities to explore new places. Take some time together to try out a new restaurant. A dinner (or lunch) date will be more fun when you're trying something new.

3. Enjoy a night "painting the town."
Many cities are now offering paint nights where you can sip on a glass of wine and paint a new masterpiece. These classes are presented in a step by step format making them easy for even inexperienced artists. The extra bonus is that the pictures vary from location to location so you can pick one that represents your current location.

4.Go to a brewery or winery for a tasting.
I've listed beer and wine tasting together because your location will determine what's offered. We're lucky to be in an area that is abundant in craft beer and wine so we've done both. Head to a local brewery or winery and enjoy a sampling of new things.

5. Pamper yourselves.
This one will vary depending on what you enjoy. This could be a couples massage together or even a pedicure. It may take some convincing to get your guy on board, but I highly recommend introducing him to the simple pleasures of a pedicure with a good massage chair.

6. Enjoy the classic movie date.
With the price of movies through the roof, this is a simple pleasure that's not enjoyed as much as it once was. I recommend checking out military pricing for your local theater or look into drive in movies, which also tend to be cheaper.

7. Enjoy a picnic together.
Pack a picnic, take a walk, and enjoy nature together. You could check out a local park or attraction while you picnic.

8. Go out for a dessert only date.
How often do you go to dinner and answer "would you like dessert" with a no? Take one night and simply go out to enjoy dessert together.

9. Go to the pool or beach.
If the weather is right, you can soak up some sun while also enjoying the water at the beach or pool. This one is weather dependent but well worth the trip.

10. Enjoy time running errands.
Don't have much time to spend together? Enjoy the little moments - like running errands - by doing them together. Errands aren't exactly fun but they can be made more enjoyable with a spouse and possibly a treat along the way.

What's your favorite way to fit in time together in your busy lifestyle?

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