Thursday, January 7, 2016

Date Night Ideas for Military Couples: At Home Edition

Earlier this week, we brought you a list of date nights for military couples. While they could work for any couple, I specifically kept in mind military couples when picking date night ideas. All of these dates got you out of the house to spend some quality time together. Today's post will give you ideas for those times when getting out of the house isn't a feasible option. Again, these could work for almost any couple but I've kept military couples in mind when selecting dates.

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Here's a few ideas for those days when a date out on the town just isn't feasible:

1. Movie Marathon
This one has so many possibilities. I recommend each person picking out a movie (or 2 or 3 depending on the time you have) and enjoy them together. This is your chance to pick out a movie that your significant other might not normally watch with you. Be warned though - it's also their opportunity to pick out a movie you might not normally watch. Throw in some movie snacks and a couch for cuddling and you have an easy at home date!

2. Themed Movie Night
Pick a movie to enjoy and theme your date night around the movie. The Dating Divas is one of my favorite sites for themed date night ideas. They give you activities and often even printables to help you pull off a themed night at home. (You could even theme the date around a holiday or event instead of a movie!)

3. Fondue Night
A few years ago, I bought my sister a Fondue Pot as a gift. Somewhere in all of our moving and dividing up stuff, I ended up with the fondue pot. One night last year, my husband and I decided to put it to use to make beer cheese fondue. A date night was born from this as it was a lot of fun and quite enjoyable with a movie. In fact, that was our first date night when the husband returned from his patrol this last time.

4. Game Night
This one can take on a few different looks. You can pull out all of the board games and childhood snacks and enjoy a throwback to childhood. Alternatively, you can make the date a bit more modern with video games. We love playing the Wii together. If you're lucky, you could even play some old school Nintendo. We have a system similar to this Dual Video Game System that allows us to play both the classic Nintendo games and the Super Nintendo games. It makes for a fun throwback night when we pull this system out.

5. Bucket List
As military couples, we are often moving around and seeing new places. Why not make a date night out of exploring your current area online? Spend some time on the computer researching nearby places and create a bucket list of things you'd like to see before you leave this duty station.

6. Candlelit Dinner
I almost forgot the classic dinner date! You can always make a nice dinner for your significant other. Add in some candles and mood music and you've got an easy date. This date is most fun if you cook something special that's not among your normal meal rotation!

What's your favorite at home date night idea?


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