Friday, January 22, 2016

One Phrase that Military Spouses Use Often

As a military wife, there's a phrase that I've gotten really good at using. It's one that has become the necessary answer to a lot of questions that I'm asked by friends and family. There are times I wish I had a different answer, but I rarely do. Wondering what the phrase is? Keep on reading below.

The phrase is a simple, but annoying one.  "I don't know."

It seems like such an innocent phrase, I know, but just look at how many important questions we answer using that phrase!

Where is your husband?
I don't know is pretty much always the answer. There's a good chance that we really don't know where our husband is during a deployment. And even if we do know where he is, we can't tell you anyways because we want to keep our men safe.

When is your husband getting back?
There's a good chance that we really don't know. If we do know - well, it goes back to the safety of our men. Some information has to be kept to ourselves. 

How long will you be at this location?
Sometimes we have a general timeline, but often times, we don't know for sure. It's up to the military where we go and how long we stay there. We get little to no say in these matters.

Where are you going next?
Until the orders are cut, the answer is "I don't know." We might know that we're going to move but we don't always know when we're moving.

How do you hold it together when he's gone?
This was the most recent question where I used the answer "I don't know." And I really don't - you somehow muddle your way through life and continue moving forward because you have to. There's no easy answer about how you do it.

Can you see how frustrating three little words can be? Welcome to the life of a military spouse. If you're new to the life, I recommend familiarizing yourself with the phrase "I don't know" because your life is about to become a string of uncertainties. Flexibility is about to be your best friend!

Can you think of any other times you've used "I don't know" as a military spouse? I'd love to hear about them in the comments!


  1. So true! And I hate that because I am such a

  2. When's the next time you'll talk to him?
    What is he doing?
    Why is he there?
    How long will he be there?
    Is he safe?
    What's next?