Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Perfect Kitchen Gadgets for Healthy Living

We're working towards healthier living in our home and I thought I'd share a few of our favorite gadgets for creating healthy meals.

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Programmable Crock Pot

I have been a big fan of the crock pot for a very long time. It makes dinner easy on days that are busy and overwhelming. The husband is slowly becoming a fan of it as well and actually requests chicken tacos from time to time. (The only way I like to make those is in the crock pot. I tried it once in the oven and it was a total fail!) I specifically like the programmable crock pot because it allows you to set a time limit and then it will kick over to warm. This is helpful on long days of work.

I do caution you on one thing though - if you're going to use the crock pot for a healthier lifestyle, you need to carefully analyze the recipes you're using. A lot of crock pot recipes call for condensed soups and other heavy products. Make sure that you're picking recipes with the best ingredients possible.


We bought a spiralizer last year after creating our zucchini lasagna recipe. We enjoyed the lasagna so much that we were curious what zoodles (zucchini noodles) would be like in a dish. The spiralizer was around $30 on Amazon and came surprisingly fast! We quickly put it to use and discovered that zoodles were delicious and easy to make with this tool. We're still experimenting with the tool (curly baked sweet potato fries the other night!), but it's quite easy to use and has expanded our food options greatly.


The Nutribullet was a Christmas gift that we received this year. We've always enjoyed making smoothies and this gadget makes it even easier! The Nutribullet comes with a guide on how to use it and lots of different recipes to try out. It even gives you recipes to help with different things. It's easy to use and makes a smoothie quickly and efficiently. You can take your cup right off of the machine and drink from it as well. This creates less dishes which makes everyone happy in the end!

These are just a few of the gadgets that have helped us on our quest to healthier living. What are your favorite gadgets for healthy living?


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