Monday, February 1, 2016

Quality Time during a Deployment

Today's prompt for #loveblog is the 5 Love Languages. I wasn't sure what I was going to write about for this post because I honestly do not know much about the five languages. So, I did a little research and took a quiz to discover that my love language is "quality time" which makes perfect sense. So, I thought I'd talk about some ways to create quality time even during a deployment.

Let's first start by saying that quality time during a deployment is awfully hard to come by. This is where it helps to have good friends who can help fill the void when needed. This doesn't mean you can't find opportunities to fulfill your love language, it simply means it's a difficult one to fill with miles between you. It can be done though and here's a few tips to help you out!

1. Enjoy phone calls when they happen.
View phone calls as a positive thing and try to keep them that way. Instead of complaining about all of the bad, focus on something positive and uplifting. Phone calls are few and far between and they're often what keeps you going. You're going to want a happy memory of the last one.

2. Play games via email.
If you're like us, email is the primary form of communication. In the past, I have sent discussion questions for the husband and myself to answer. I find questions for married couples on Pinterest and then send a few at a time to the husband. We've had great discussions as a result.

3. Recognize that you're going to have to take care of yourself.
Treat yourself well and spend some quality time with yourself. Think back to before marriage - I know it's hard - you were able to show yourself enough love to keep happy and fulfilled for many years. Try that again.

4. Plan for the future.
During the husband's last patrol, we planned two different trips. Knowing that I would be spending ample amounts of quality time with him in the future definitely helped keep me going. It gave me something to look forward to.

5. Remember the past.
Feeling a little blue and unloved? Start browsing through old photos and memories. We rarely save things from the bad memories so you're guaranteed a pretty positive trip through memory lane. Sometimes that trip through memory lane can pull you out of your funk. (Bonus tip: Email your husband about the memories. It'll bring a smile to his face as well.)

Remember that even during a deployment, it's important to remind each other of the little things. Take every opportunity you get to talk to say I love you and to remind your spouse of why you're in this together.

P.S. I'm an email away if you ever need to talk!


  1. This is such a sweet post! I can't imagine being a military spouse. It takes a special kind of person to marry a military person (or a minister, for different reasons). My husband and I were long-distance for the first year or so of our relationship, which helped us establish a strong foundation since all we could do most of the time was talk!

    1. Long distance (which we did for a year while I was still in South Carolina) definitely helped us establish a strong foundation. It has also helped prepare us for the number of deployments we've encountered early in marriage.

  2. Love your tips! I am always so impressed by MilSos going through deployment! I love the points you've made to help make quality time a priority!

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