Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Social Media Across the Miles

Today's topic with #LoveBlog is social media. There are so many directions that I could take this one since social media is a big part of my life as a blogger while my husband really only uses Instagram (and that's been a newer discovery for him). In the end, I've decided to talk about social media and how it impacts families separated by distance.

My dad retired from the Air Force when I was in college. We lived in South Carolina while my grandparents lived in Indiana. Growing up, I honestly thought it was normal to live away from your extended family because all of my friends (who were also military) lived away from their extended families. It wasn't until middle school that I realized some people lived near their extended family and got to see their grandparents all the time. I guess you could say I was living in a military bubble until that moment.

Distance was simply a normal part of growing up in the military. Now that I'm married to a military man of my own, I'm finding that distance is once again playing a huge role in my life. I do have to say that I have it a bit easier than my mom did though and I have social media to thank for that.

My mom was able to talk to her parent about once a day and only by phone. In addition to that, she had to keep track of their long distance calling plan and was sometimes limited in the hours that she could call. If she didn't get a hold of them, then she didn't get to talk to them - especially since they didn't have an answering machine. Needless to say, communication could get a bit stressful.

Fast forward to today when I'm in the same position my mom was in - living miles away from my family but still wanting to be close to them. I can text or call my mom at any time because my cell phone is still in the same zip code as hers. (Plus long distance calling plans have changed a lot in the last 20 years.) I can also share pictures and snippets of my life with her in a split second via social media. There's no waiting to see what's going on in each others lives - it's all right there on the computer.

There are definitely plenty of downsides to social media but I have to say it's ability to close the gap that is created by distance is a huge plus. I love knowing that my family and my husband's family is able to see what we're doing even when we're across the country from them. It helps us keep in touch without the extra stress that my mom endeared when I was growing up.

And the best part of social media? I get to see my cute nephew growing up in South Carolina even while I'm living in California! It doesn't get much cooler than that!


  1. Yes! My husband's family mostly lives in Ohio. My dad's half of the family is mostly in SC, and my mom's side is mostly in Colorado. When my husband & I lived in Ohio, I was grateful that social media made it easy to be part of the everyday lives of my family. Now that we're in Georgia, I feel the same way keeping up with my in-laws in Ohio.

  2. I absolutely love that social media can connect people. Right after we got married, my husband and I moved 600+ miles from all of our friends and family. We didn't know a soul here. I am so thankful to be able to connect with our family and friends who mostly live in the south. I love getting to see how excited they get over snow and remember how I used to get that excited. lol