Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Ten Ways to Show Love

It's another day of #LoveBlog and today we're talking about the love language of service. For some, it's the actions that matter more than the gifts or words. I decided I would share ten ways to show love in honor of this love language!

Here's ten simple (and inexpensive) ways to show your someone else some love!

1. Surprise your spouse with something special. Surprises from the husband are always my favorite!

2. Leave a note for your spouse in a spot where they'll discover it without you - lunch box, mirror, car, etc.

3. Let them control the remote for a night. (You could do like the husband and change Netflix to Gilmore Girls when I come home after a bad day.)

4. Fix their favorite meal. Bonus points if it's a surprise!

5. Take interest in something they love. (For example, the husband once went to barre class with me...)

6. Give them a massage or foot rub.

7. Listen to them when they're telling you about their day.

8. Pick up something small and special for them on your way home. (Yes, this one crosses over into gift giving but if the item is small and cheap, then the gesture speaks louder.)

9. Do your spouse's chore without being asked. This one can be huge especially if your spouse is tired. Sometimes someone else loading the dishwasher is all it takes...

10. Ask your spouse how you can help them with something they're working on. Communication is key!

What other ways do you like to show your spouse that you love them? I'd love to hear about them in the comments!

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