Friday, February 19, 2016

What I Want my Kids to Remember

Today's topic for #LoveBlog is family heirlooms. I'll be honest - I thought about skipping this prompt because family heirlooms are not a big thing in my family. There's a couple of items my mom has that kind of qualify but they are more pieces that have been saved rather than things that have been passed down. To me, a family heirloom is something that is passed down from one family member to another. The biggest thing that has been passed down in my family is values and that's something I want to continue with my own kids. We don't have any yet, but I've certainly thought about the future and what I want them to know.

Here's a few of the things that I want my kids to remember:

Family is important.

You only have one body - treat it well.

There are no do-overs in life.

Mistakes teach us to be better people.

Life is messy - and that's okay.

Goals are important but so are adventures.

Be flexible.

Take the path less traveled.

Always follow your heart.

Never forget your roots.

See the world.

Pain is temporary.

Everyone is different. Respect that.

Memories are more important than material things.

I could keep going but essentially, I want my children to remember that they control their fate and that life is too short to be lived simply.

What about you? What do you want your kids to remember?


  1. These are wonderful lessons to pass down!

  2. I agree with Brita. Wonderful lessons.

    Alessia -