Thursday, March 31, 2016

DIY: Fork Flowers

Spring is here and that means it's time for fun springtime projects! April is also Month of the Military Child, which means there are lots of events going on including one at our local base. The spouses club that I'm a member of will be doing a craft table at the event and I volunteered to come up with a craft that even the older children will enjoy. After a lot of thought, I decided to use one that I learned in Girl Scouts as a kid and that my fifth graders last year loved.

*Affiliate links are used in this post to help you find products. We do make a small amount off of these links and it goes to help keep the blog running. Don't worry - the links don't hurt you in any way!*

This craft is not expensive or difficult and you may even have the supplies around your house! All you need is a fork, yarn, and pipe cleaners. I'm going to list the steps below but I've also included a printable that you can print and use later as well!

1. Start by gathering your supplies. You'll need a fork, yarn, pipe cleaners, and scissors.

2. Wrap the yarn around the fork 15-30 times. The size of your flower will vary depending on how many times you wrap it around. It make take a few tries to figure out your favorite size.

3. Slide the pipe cleaner between the fork tines and wrap it around the yarn to keep it together. Do this while the yarn is still on the fork to make it easier.

4. Pull the flower off of the fork. You can leave it like this or you can complete step #5 for a different look. This part is really a matter of preference. (Again it might take several before you decide on a favorite look.)

5. Cut the loops that were formed on both sides to create a pom pom effect. Fluff out the yarn to make it into a flower. I personally think these look a bit like the Truffula trees from The Lorax. I hope to use this craft in the future during Dr. Seuss week! 

You're finished with your craft! Now, you can give it to someone or create a bouquet of flowers to give as a gift. This would make the perfect craft for mother's day.

As I mentioned above, I created an instruction sheet to go along with this post. Feel free to print it by clicking on the image below. It can be used in a classroom, at a booth, or other function where kids will be making crafts.

Love the craft but not quite ready to make it yet? You can always pin it for later!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Healthy Homemade Chicken Nuggets

The husband teases me when we go out because I often order chicken. For some reason, it's been my fall back food since I was a little kid and fell in love with chicken nuggets. It's typically fried and breaded though which makes it quite an unhealthy option. Since I've been aiming to eat healthier, I decided to come up with a healthier alternative for my favorite food and I succeeded on the first try! You'll find the recipe below and I think it'll even be a hit with the kids! (Trust me - my taste buds are on the level of a three year old quite often!)

It takes about 20-30 minutes to load up and get to the local fast food drive through, right? Well, these chicken nuggets take about the same amount of time and are much healthier for you! Don't worry - taste hasn't been compromised in any way!

Start by turning your oven to 400 degrees and laying out all of your ingredients. This way, the oven will preheat while you do the quick prep work for these!

Cut your chicken into nugget sizes. I made mine around an inch or two. I used two chicken breasts when making this recipe because that's what I had available. You can increase or decrease the amount easily to fit your needs. Add two eggs to one bowl and bread crumbs with spices to another bowl. I chose to use onion powder and garlic powder but you can adjust to your tastes. (I would have used Parmesan but we had none left.)

Dip each nugget into the egg and then into the bread crumb mixture. Make sure it's well coated before putting it on a tray lined with aluminum foil and sprayed with olive oil. I actually did a few at a time to speed up this process.

Bake in the oven for 20 minutes at 400 degrees. You can flip the nuggets halfway through if you'd like but it's not necessary. (Seriously - I forgot to flip mine and they turned out just fine.)

Serve them right away or put them into a container for later. I chose to freeze mine - no more buying bags of frozen chicken nuggets for me. I now have a container on hand with chicken nuggets and I know what ingredients are in them!

So, are you a fellow chicken nugget lover?

Healthy Baked Chicken Nuggets

2 chicken breasts
2 eggs
1.5 cups whole wheat bread crumbs
Spices of choice
Olive Oil Spray

1. Set oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
2. Cut the chicken into nugget sized pieces.
3. Crack two eggs into a bowl.
4. Combine bread crumbs and spices in another bowl.
5. Dip each nugget in the egg and then coat with the bread crumb mixture.
6. Place nuggets on a foil lined pan (lightly sprayed with olive oil).
7. Bake in the oven for 20 minutes. Optional: Flip the nuggets halfway through.
8. Enjoy immediately or freeze for later!

Don't forget to pin the recipe for later!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

How to Meal Plan Together

I spend a lot of time alone due to deployments. When I'm alone, I like to meal plan for the entire week because otherwise I make bad choices or simply don't eat complete meals. When the husband comes home, it's a bit of a transition to go from my structured meal plans to his less structured method. We've eventually developed a system that meets in the middle for our two styles and I thought I would share it with you today.

When we first got married, our meal plan styles were completely different. The husband was the one that would go to the store without a list and just sort of "wing it" when deciding what to eat for the week. I was the type that planned out my meals for every day of the week and mostly stuck to the plan. Obviously, these two styles didn't match up and we had to find a way to meet in the middle. The steps I describe below are our way of meeting in the middle.

1. Establish what events are going on for the week.
There's no reason to plan for a night of food that won't happen. Look at your calendar and determine what nights will need dinner and what nights might result in eating out or a grab and go sort of meal.

2. Evaluate the leftover nights.
Look at the nights left after you put your events on the calendar. How many nights are there? How many of those nights will be spent eating at home? Our rule of thumb is that weekdays tend to be at home while weekends tend to result in eating out since we're always on the go. Obviously, this could look very different for you.

3. Determine how many nights you will eat at home.
How many nights will be at home? Are any of those going to be leftover nights? Use this step to determine how many meals you need for the week. We tend to do 4-5 meals a week because the weekend is usually eating out or leftovers.

4. Establish your meals for the week and who will cook them.
After you decide how many meals you need, determine what they will be. Then, determine who will cook them if you share the responsibility like we do. We don't assign each meal a day. Instead, we establish 4-5 meals for the week and go shopping for those. Then, the night before, we decide what we're having the next day.

5. Each night, plan for the next night.
As I mentioned, we don't determine the dates of the meals in advance. We generally talk about the plan a day or two in advance so that we can lay down any necessary meat or other freezer items. So far, this has worked really well for us.

This method has allowed us to meld our two styles together. When he's gone on deployment, I still plan out the week day by day. However, I've learned to adjust and modify when he's home. I have to say that our method of meal planning together works quite well for our different styles and we produce much less waste this way.

How do you meal plan with others? I'd love to hear about it in the comments!


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Becoming a Military Spouse: 5 Questions to Ask

Getting married is a huge life commitment. Marrying a military man is an even bigger commitment. Love can take you far, but it can't help you overcome every obstacle. Marriage takes hard work and dedication. That's why I think it's important to have a heart to heart with yourself before you commit. Keep in mind that this heart to heart will likely happen before the actual engagement. I've given you five questions to consider before becoming a military spouse.

These questions are provided as thinking points. Keep in mind that every relationship and person is different. These are simply things to think about when making one of the biggest commitments of your life.

1. Are you willing to uproot and move?

Moving is a big reality for military families. Some move more than others but most move at least once during their service. It's important that you recognize this before you're married and loading up a uHaul to somewhere new.

2. Can you spend periods of time alone?

Even if your spouse never gets deployed, there are the possibilities of late nights and on call situations. There will be times of need when you're having to hold down things at home. Your spouse might not always be available to help you out.

3. Are you okay with putting your career aside?

Let me start by saying that you can have a career as a military spouse. You don't have to put your career aside but I do want you to recognize that it is a possibility that your career aspirations may change as you move around. Recognize that it's a possibility before you get married and you'll be better equipped to handle it if it happens later.

4. Are you flexible?

This one piggy backs off of the other questions. Can you adjust to last minute changes? Are you willing to flex and bend your life to work with your spouses' career? Flexibility is a great quality to have as a military spouse because it helps you handle the stress that can come with the lifestyle.

5. Do you love your future spouse?

Even though the military adds new obstacles to marriage, love should still be at the root of it. Love is the thing that will ultimately always remind you of why you tackle the obstacles that are thrown your way.

If you're a fellow spouse, do you have any questions you would add to this list? I'd love to hear them in the comments!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Dear Military Spouse: The Comparison Game

Every deployment is different. It's often hard to remember that but it's definitely important to remember. Just like no two people are the same, no two deployments are ever the same either. This is why it's never a good idea to play the comparison game during a deployment.

Dear Military Spouse,

I wanted to share a little secret with you today. It's something that I learned a couple of deployments ago and still struggle with today. It's the fact that no two deployments are the same.

When the husband first deployed with his current unit, it was rough. We were living on opposite coasts and our communication was being cut even more. Not to mention the fact that he was new to his ship and spent most of his time learning new things. We hardly ever talked. It was rough.

When the next deployment rolled around, I geared myself up for the same sort of communication pattern. I mentally prepared for the lulls and silences that can come with deployment. They were few and far between. I just assumed it was due to the fact that my husband was no longer new to the boat.

I was wrong. The third deployment is the one that truly opened me up to the fact that no two deployments are the same. The third deployment fell somewhere between the first two in terms of communication. It was a bit hard after being more spoiled during the second deployment.

My husband's boat typically visits the same region of the world and does similar things while they are there. In theory, it sounds like the deployments should sound and look the same. They don't though because there's this special thing called life that makes each one different. Life isn't predictable and therefore neither are deployments.

Just like no two deployments are the same, neither are any two people. I figured I would enjoy talking to the other boat spouses when they are gone because they are in the same place of me. While I do enjoy their company, I have learned that there's one topic I prefer to avoid - the current deployment.

Why do I prefer to avoid the topic of the current deployment?

Because it has a nasty way of leading to the comparison game.

Even if you don't mean to, you find yourself comparing things along the way. Oh, her husband contacts her multiple times a day. Oh, she heard this about the deployment. Sometimes the comparisons are just an internal battle in your head but they do have the potential to lead to bigger external battles.

I'm not saying don't talk about the deployment and how you feel. You know I'm a big supporter of real talk. I'm simply saying proceed with caution when the topic comes up.

Before I let you get back to your day, I want to give you one simple piece of advice. Keep in mind that just because it's simple doesn't mean it's an easy piece of advice to follow. Don't compare the current deployment to any other deployment, including ones from the past and stories from your friends. Simply take it as it is and move forward one day at a time.

Much love,
The Coastie Wife

Thursday, March 10, 2016

How to Bond Together as a Married Couple after Deployment

One of my favorite things about deployments is the homecoming. It can also be one of the trickiest parts of deployment since it means adjustments for both spouses. Today, I'm bringing you a post from Julie at Soldier's Wife, Crazy Life with tips on how to bond together after deployment. (She has some really good tips guys!)

Homecoming can be such a wonderful time for a Military couple. Homecoming means the deployment is over and life can get back to “normal.” However, normal is sometimes a part of the past and the couple needs to figure out how to bond again after so much time away from one another.

Whether you have been apart just a couple of months or over a year, redeployment can be a difficult period of time to try to get back into marriage mode.

Here are a few ideas to help you bond again after deployment:

Date Nights

Dating is so important, even after you are married. Dating can be a way to connect and spend time with each other. Time to just be together without the kids, work or the home getting in the way. See what you can do to get in a regular date night whether you take advantage of something you Military post has available, you trade kids with a friend or hire an actual babysitter. If you don’t have children, make sure you schedule time to go on dates and don’t just count your time at home away from work as a date night. Be intentional about spending quality time together.


Communication is a must in that time after deployment. Share your feelings with one another. Let them know if they are doing something that is bothering you. Talk it out. You might not be able to talk about everything that happened during the time that you were apart but it is a good idea to connect and see how you changed during the deployment.

Keeping the lines of communication is always important but even more so after you have been through a deployment. If you need to, set up some time with a marriage counselor. They can help you come up with methods to talk to each other if that becomes something that is hard for you two to do.

Be patient with one other

Being patient with your spouse is always a good thing, especially after a deployment. It might be hard to understand what your spouse went through when they were overseas. Being patient with them is a must. On the other side, they need to be patient with you. You got used to being the only adult in the house and the redeployment process will mean losing some control. This can be difficult and can take some time to work through.

 Homecoming is amazing but the redeployment process can be a struggle. You might feel too far from your spouse emotionally and find it hard to get back to where you once were. If both of you can work together on your marriage and work hard to bond again after deployment, you can eventually get there. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help and know that you guys are not alone in figuring out how to be a couple once a deployment has ended.

What are your tips for bonding together as a marriage couple after deployment?

Julie is a blogger & social media addict living in Tennessee. She has been married for 13 years to her National Guard Soldier and has three boys, 11, 9 & 5. You can find her at Soldier’s Wife, Crazy Life where she blogs about Military life, parenting and a few other topics. You can also find her on Twitter and Facebook.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Why Civilian Friends are Important for Military Spouses

When I moved, one of my big worries was how am I going to make new friends. Making friends as an adult is hard. I figured I would simply make friends with other Coast Guard spouses and call it a day. Then, I happened to go to a meet up event where I met a great friend. She very quickly became my best friend in California. I'm slowly accumulating best friends in different states as we go along and they are all civilian friends.

I have Alexis of Wife in the Wild Blue Yonder sharing a post on the blog today. It resonated with me a lot and I'm hoping you'll be able to connect to it as well.

Here’s my problem: I’m bad at making friends. And when you’re bad at making friends, you typically find yourself lonely...a lot. And even though one of my best friends and fellow military spouse lives at the same base as me right now, I still feel isolated at times. Especially when I hop on social media and see my other friends from around the world posting about their adventures. 

I have FOMO not because I don’t want to miss out on all the action, but because I don’t want to miss out on time with my friends -- time during which we make new stories, come up with new jokes and try new things. I fear I’ll miss out on too much of their life and suddenly find myself out of their inner circles. 

Have you experienced this, too? 

That’s why when my best friend and my husband’s best friend visited us last weekend, I felt a rush of gratitude for my civilian friends. Not only was it a wonderful surprise (they planned it for months and months) but it made me acutely aware of a few reasons why civilian friends are important for military spouses. 

They’re A Breath Of Fresh Air 

 See, when you get around other military folks, it’s easy to get on military topics. Time after time we fall into the same discussion patterns and rehash worn out topics on the defense budget, dealing with deployments, crazy training stories, PCSing and so much more. 

 And while there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s interesting to note how the conversations change when you get to talking with your civilian friends. New topics come up that reflect their lives and their interests. You get to ask questions about something you might not know about. Different perspectives are introduced that you might not hear when interacting with military folks. 

And that’s a breath of fresh air. 

Sure, military topics probably come up from time to time, but they’re not the sole focus of the conversation. And when they do come up, there’s at least one perspective in the discussion that doesn’t already know the ins and outs of the military lifestyle. 

You have to admit, it can be refreshing to talk about something not related to the military once in awhile. 

They Don’t Understand Everything 

For some people this might be frustrating. But for me, there’s nothing more irritating than talking with a friend or family member who acts as if they know exactly what my husband and I are going through. So I love it when my friends and family members ask the “dumb” questions. When they ask me to define acronyms. When they’re curious about how something they saw in the news will affect my husband and myself. 

There’s so much about the military that civilians don’t know. So instead of having them walk around with false information or misconceptions about the military lifestyle, I’d rather answer any and all of their matter how silly or personal they might be. 

Knowledge is power, my friends. Why not take the opportunity to inform our interested friends what it’s really like to be a milspouse? Why not help them understand what a deployment or a TDY or a PCS is really like, instead of letting them run around with Hollywood versions stuck in their heads? 

And again, it’s really refreshing to talk to someone who doesn’t know it all; who’s curious for more information on what the lifestyle is like and how our military operates. 

They’ve Got Flexibility 

Probably one of the best parts of having civilian friends is their flexibility. No, I’m not talking about their yoga poses. I’m talking about their schedules. 

Sure, they work full-time jobs and they have their own lives. But we can all attest to the fact that life as a civilian provides way more flexibility than life as a military spouse. 

It’s easier for them to ask for time off and plan for future adventures because their lives are way more predictable than that of the average military family. We’ve all heard the horror stories of military families making plans for a big trip, and then having to cancel them last-minute because of a unannounced deployment or TDY. 

I’m not saying stuff doesn’t come up for our civilian friends, because it absolutely does. But planning a trip more than 2 months in advance is a reality for them, while for many military families it’s not. 

They can plan to come visit whenever because there’s no looming TDY or possible last-minute deployment they have to think about. They can (and are often willing) to work around your schedule when it comes to taking a trip together. Many of them take your rigid schedule into consideration and they work with you on it….because they’re your friends. 

They’ll Be There When You’re Done 

We all know this military gig isn’t going to last forever. At some point your spouse will retire and then you’ll find yourself back on the civilian side of the fence. And after all of those years of maintaining a long-distance friendship and keeping up with your globetrotting moves, your civilian friends will be waiting with open arms. 

I’m not saying your military friends you’ve made throughout your journey will completely disappear. You’ll definitely keep in touch with some of the folks you became close with. 

 But your civilian friends are the ones who are used to “doing long-distance” with you. So your relationships with them are likely stronger than ever. Whether you move back home to be close to those friends or you stay where you last base was located, they’ll still be there when the military lifestyle is no longer your “thing.” 

 And I don’t know about you, but that gives me some serious peace of mind, knowing that I don’t have to go out into the civilian world and try to make friends all over again. At that point, you’ll probably be over the whole make-new-friends-on- the-fly-thing. 

They’ve Got Your Back 

My best friend doesn’t understand all the ins and outs of my life. But at the end of the day, she’s always there for me. She makes a point to reach out to me, to be understanding, and to continue to be the friend I know and love. 

I cannot control where the military takes me. But my friend doesn’t let that stand in the way of our friendship. So we plan trips, we talk regularly and we continue to care for each other emotionally. 

There will be times when you call your civilian friends in a panic or when you’re emotionally distraught and they won’t be able to relate at all to what you’re upset about. And while they can’t understand every facet of your current situation, they can certainly empathize and be an electronic shoulder to cry on. They’re going to be there for you, even if they have nothing more to offer than a listening ear. 

Plus, like I said earlier, sometimes they’ll offer a perspective on your dilemma that you didn’t think of before, and it might be just want you needed to turn your day around. 

And when you get stationed at that one base where you struggle to make friends and you feel totally alone, you’ll know your civilian friends are still there for you. They’re still going to be willing to talk; they’re going to want to hear about your life; they’re not going to stop caring. 

While our military friends are of course very important, we shouldn’t forget all of our civilian friends as we move around the world. They’re sometimes the rock we need to help us keep it all together.

About the Author:
Alexis is the founder of Wife in the Wild Blue Yonder, a blog dedicated to providing advice and resources to military spouses. She's determined to help others by sharing personal stories and useful information that other military spouses can learn from and apply to their own lives. She's a passionate writer and photographer, a Harry Potter fanatic, a lover of dogs, a swimmer and a yogi. She's always up for an adventure and she loves to travel.
Connect with Alexis:
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Monday, March 7, 2016

Announcing: Virtual Tour Across America

We're moving this summer! We're not sharing where (yet) but you can keep an eye on our Instagram account for clues and eventually the reveal! All we will say is that it will involve another cross country trip, which is a lot of work. We know from last time that it's hard to blog while you're moving across the country. We're trying to prepare things ahead of time and we think we've come up with a fun project that will showcase a lot of different bloggers!

This summer, we'll be hosting a Virtual Tour Across America right here on the blog. It'll last from May - July and we'll be showcasing pictures and places to visit in all fifty states!

We haven't been to all fifty states yet though so we're going to need some help! That's where you come in! We're looking for bloggers to do a showcase on their home state.

Don't worry - we're not going to give you a strict template to follow. We want you to add your own style and personality into the post. I'm including a few ideas below but bloggers will have the freedom to take the post in their own direction as long as it's focused on the state you sign up for!

10 Things to do in State
Top 5 Attractions
See State Like the Locals
Where to Eat in State
What to Pack for a Trip to State

As you can see, we're open to a variety of topics related to your state!

So, how do you get involved?

It's simple! Send an email to with the state that you would like to showcase in your post. Please include your name, your blog name, and the state. We ask that you have lived in the state (at some point) that you are showcasing. We're wanting the insider's point of view for our virtual tour!

You'll have until April 15 to submit your post. (Some flexibility may be provided as needed.) This gives us time to schedule all of the posts and get the links back to you. Your post will need to include several pictures of your location, an author bio, and a picture of yourself. You'll receive more specific details via email after we confirm your state.

Afraid your state will already be taken? Don't worry - I'm going to need posts for Hodge Podge Moments as well. I'm sure I can work out a different guest post opportunity for you!

How will you benefit? Your blog will be gaining exposure on our blog as well as on our social media channels. Part of the reason we're asking for the posts in mid-April is to allow ample time to schedule social media.

We hope you'll consider participating in the tour! If not, we hope you'll return to check out all of the great places that we showcase!

And don't forget to check our Instagram account in the near future for clues and an update about our new location!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

He Said, She Said: Travel Edition

We spend a lot of time apart which means we have a lot of opportunities for conversations. One of my favorite things to do is to gather ice breaker questions (hello Pinterest!). I then send the questions to the husband in batches. There are a lot of times that the questions lead to more in depth discussions. Since it's hard for the husband to blog from sea, I thought I'd send him some questions and use them for a new series known as "He Said, She Said." I hope you enjoy our answers and I invite you to use the questions to start conversations with your significant other!

Here are the questions for our travel edition of "He Said, She Said."

1. How many states have you lived in? 

He said: Three, unless you count a-school (12 weeks) and boot camp (8 weeks)

She said: I've only lived in two states - South Carolina and California.

2. What has been your favorite trip?

He said: Camping in the red woods.

She said: Our trip to Crescent City, CA where we camped in the red woods has been my favorite.

3.What was your least favorite trip?

He said: The haul across the country in a u-haul.

She said: When I was younger, we went camping with Girl Scouts and the radiator in our car was messing up. We had to stop every half hour or so to let the car cool down and during one of these stops, my dad ended up with pretty bad burns on his arm from the water spewing out of the radiator.

4. List three places you would like to visit someday.

He said: Alaska, China, Brazil

She said: France, Australia, Ireland

5. What are your top 5 things to pack for a trip? 

He said: Toothbrush, deodorant (almost always forgotten by me which is why I am the proud owner of 15 sticks), and the right shoes for the trip. The last two things are not material but an absolute necessity - an open mind for the adventure that lays ahead (regardless of how undane the trip may seem - every one is an adventure) and a proper attitude. The only way to travel is in high spirits. I try to always try to travel in a positive mood. After all, there is something on the other side of the road and plenty to see in between.

She said: Underwear, camera, toothbrush, clothes, and money for anything you might have forgotten.

Now that you've read our answers, I encourage you to ask your significant other the same questions! It's a great conversation starter (even when you're separated by miles). We'd love to hear your answers in the comments below or even see them posted on your blog! (If you do blog these questions, please leave us a link so that we can check it out!)

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Jekyll Island, Georgia

I'm out of town for the beginning of March visiting family so you'll notice a few new faces around the blog. Today, I'm excited to bring you an east coast travel post to celebrate my visit home. Please go visit Cate's blog after reading her post!

Hey The Coastie Couple friends! I'm Cate from Random Crafty Georgia Girl!

My blog is about the randoms of my life with the crafts that I have done along the way! My husband, Mr. RCGG, and I love to travel! We are always looking for adventure no matter where we go! So when Pam said that she would love a travel post from the East Coast for The Coastie Couple I knew that I had to share a couple of our favorite places with you!

Mr. RCGG and I love beaches! Anywhere that we can feel the sand and waves on our feet turn into great memories for us! We have been going to our favorite place, Jekyll Island Georgia, for about five years. There's something magical about this place that makes you happy! You know the saying Go to your happy place? That's my happy place! My husband and I were married on the beach in 2012. It was one of my most favorite days of my life!
Nathan And Cates wedding0144 

It is a place we will continue to go back to every year! It is a very family friendly and historical island. There are several historical sites on the island. Horton House was owned by William Horton. He was granted Jekyll Island by the trustees of the colony of Georgia. His first house was destroyed by a fire, so he rebuilt the home in 1743 and it still stands today.


In 1907, several banks in America collapsed. People withdrew funds for fear of unwise investments and misuse of money. As a result of this collapse the Federal Reserve was founded on Jekyll Island in 1910. Disguised as a duck hunt, the men talked about a way to restructure America's banking system to possibly eliminate another economic panic. After ten days of debating about what they wanted for the economy, the men finally went on the duck hunt! Jekyll Island was where the first transcontinental phone call took place. This phone call was the first call to be placed from the east coast to the west coast. It occurred in January of 1915.

 The Jekyll Island Club was an elite group of our country's old time millionaires like J.P. Morgan, William Rockefeller, Vincent Astor, Joseph Pulitzer, and William K. Vanderbilt. The men used the island as a retreat to get away from the hustle and bustle of their every day big business life.The Jekyll Island historic district is now a beautiful village that has several cottages built by members of the club, the Jekyll Island Club Hotel that was the club's elite meeting place, and the museum where you can learn about all the history of the island.

Jekyll Island is a very family friendly vacation. There's golf courses, a water park, a mini golf course, and of course beaches. If you have been looking for a new place to vacation then I'm sure you will love Jekyll Island just as much as we do!

Please stop by Cate's blog, Random Crafty Georgia Girl and say hi! She'll be back again this summer for a very special project that we're working on. In fact, I encourage you to visit our blog again on Friday to find out all of the details for our summer project and how you can get involved!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Let's Help Project Lead Kindly!

Today, I have one of my favorite bloggers - Raewyn from Be a Warrior Queen - posting on the blog! She's sharing a great charity today and how you can help them out. I'm all for helping others so I was completely on board when she asked if I could share the project on our blog! I hope you'll take a look at the information shared and consider helping out!

As bloggers, we use a lot of words. We have realized that WORDS are POWERFUL and we have decided to use our words for good and spread a message about a great cause...
Today, I wanted to introduce you to Project Lead Kindly and their 2016 Pregnancy Shelter Hop.
Project Lead Kindly is a nonprofit organization that assists mothers & children affected by domestic violence and homelessness. They are also on a mission to encourage, inspire, and remind everyone that we ALL have the potential to serve & "lead kindly," no matter our circumstances. Each year, Project Lead Kindly provides a BIG service project to the community. Last year, they organized a children's book drive.This year, we are raising money for Project Lead Kindly's 2016 Pregnancy Shelter Hop. We will be assisting 5 different shelters throughout California that house homeless, pregnant mothers and their children. We will be donating newborn necessities to:Harvest Home, Precious Life Shelter, Casa Teresa, Angels Way Maternity Home, and Elizabeth House. We will also be throwing two events to assist the mothers serviced by Elizabeth House & Angels Way Maternity Home.

How you can help!

While the events are local to California, we wanted to find some way for the amazingly supportive online community to help out! We've set up a GoFundMe with a goal to raise $1000 for Project Lead Kindly:

All funds donated will go to Project Lead Kindly & help:
1) provide these necessary items for the mothers & their babies at all 5 shelters, 2) throw the events for the mothers from Elizabeth House & Angels Way, 3) help spread the Lead Kindly message (the reminder that ALL have the potential to do good and to be an example to others, no matter what trials they face) to these women who need to be encouraged & reminded of their worth & potential and that they are cared for!

Please consider donating even $1 to the cause. Every little bit helps. In addition to donating, if you want to share the cause with us, please:
1) take the image below
2) share it in your own blog post and social media
3) encourage others to join our initiative & donate!
You can also email your blog post link so they can share it with others!
And if you don't have a blog, but simply want to share the cause, we encourage you to take the image & share it on social media! We have a goal of $1000, and if we all use our words together, we can reach it!
We also wanted to include a fun giveaway as a thank you for your support! This giveaway is sponsored by the bloggers and not Project Lead Kindly directly.
bloggers leading kindly

The prizes:

Raewyn will be giving away a $25 Starbucks gift card and ad space on Be a Warrior Queen.
Pam will be offering ad space on Hodge Podge Moments
Emilie and Laura will be offering ad space on Burke Does

Check out our giveaway hosts:

How to enter:

Any little bit helps! If you want to find out more information about Project Lead Kindly, visit
Thank you so much for leading kindly with us!