Monday, March 7, 2016

Announcing: Virtual Tour Across America

We're moving this summer! We're not sharing where (yet) but you can keep an eye on our Instagram account for clues and eventually the reveal! All we will say is that it will involve another cross country trip, which is a lot of work. We know from last time that it's hard to blog while you're moving across the country. We're trying to prepare things ahead of time and we think we've come up with a fun project that will showcase a lot of different bloggers!

This summer, we'll be hosting a Virtual Tour Across America right here on the blog. It'll last from May - July and we'll be showcasing pictures and places to visit in all fifty states!

We haven't been to all fifty states yet though so we're going to need some help! That's where you come in! We're looking for bloggers to do a showcase on their home state.

Don't worry - we're not going to give you a strict template to follow. We want you to add your own style and personality into the post. I'm including a few ideas below but bloggers will have the freedom to take the post in their own direction as long as it's focused on the state you sign up for!

10 Things to do in State
Top 5 Attractions
See State Like the Locals
Where to Eat in State
What to Pack for a Trip to State

As you can see, we're open to a variety of topics related to your state!

So, how do you get involved?

It's simple! Send an email to with the state that you would like to showcase in your post. Please include your name, your blog name, and the state. We ask that you have lived in the state (at some point) that you are showcasing. We're wanting the insider's point of view for our virtual tour!

You'll have until April 15 to submit your post. (Some flexibility may be provided as needed.) This gives us time to schedule all of the posts and get the links back to you. Your post will need to include several pictures of your location, an author bio, and a picture of yourself. You'll receive more specific details via email after we confirm your state.

Afraid your state will already be taken? Don't worry - I'm going to need posts for Hodge Podge Moments as well. I'm sure I can work out a different guest post opportunity for you!

How will you benefit? Your blog will be gaining exposure on our blog as well as on our social media channels. Part of the reason we're asking for the posts in mid-April is to allow ample time to schedule social media.

We hope you'll consider participating in the tour! If not, we hope you'll return to check out all of the great places that we showcase!

And don't forget to check our Instagram account in the near future for clues and an update about our new location!

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