Thursday, May 12, 2016

How to Find Trails in Your Area

We love hiking trails, especially when they're near our home. One of the great things about the area we currently live in is that there are a number of trails to hike and explore. I wanted to share a few tips for finding trails in your area.

One of the obstacles of the military is moving all the time. This means you have to constantly find new places with each new move. However, this is also one of the fun parts of being in a military marriage. With this move, we learned a lot of tricks for finding trails nearby and I thought I'd share them with you.

1. Google
The first place we looked was Google. Search engines make it a lot easier to find things. To find trails near us, we typed in our city and trails to find a few near us. Then, we broadened the search by typing in other cities near us. If we were in a smaller state, then we could broaden the search by typing in our state name as well. California is a bit too big for that - it takes a while to get from Northern California to Southern California.

2. State Parks
Most state parks have several trails of varying lengths. They are a great place to start with your search for hiking trails. They also often offer camping and other outdoor opportunities that you can add onto your hike of the day. Plus - they tend to be relatively inexpensive.

3. National Parks
This tip follows tip #2 about the state parks. There are several national parks throughout the country that also offer free entry for military members, so that's an added bonus.

4. Word of Mouth
Word of mouth may seem old fashioned but it's still a great way to get recommendations. Ask your friends and people you meet for their recommendations for the area. They might even know of a hidden gem that you're not going to find through a Google search.

5. Social Media
Much like word of mouth, social media is a great place to get recommendations. I found quite a few parks and trails in our area by simply asking my Facebook friends for their recommendations. There was a huge outpouring of suggestions and ideas. It was through social media that I found some of my favorite parks.

6. Signs
Pay attention when you're walking or driving around your city. Many trails, parks, and other fun things have signs pointing them out. Keeping your eyes peeled for these signs can really help you out in the long run.

Do you love to hike? Have a favorite trail in your area? Share it with us in the comments!

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