Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Things to do in Las Vegas

When people think of Las Vegas, their immediate thoughts are the Las Vegas strip, partying, and how great it is that your vacations are paying our state tax. Well okay, you probably aren't thinking about paying our state tax- but you are!
But seriously, Las Vegas is likely one of the first places in the state-side you'd think to go for a party weekend. And for good reason. Vegas is notorious for its cheap and easy reputation, but did you know that this desert oasis is home to over 2 million people? And a good chunk of us rarely make it to the strip, other than to oblige the visiting friend or family member. So what do we do here then? Let me break it down for you from a local's perspective.

Best Place to Party: While tourists flock to the strip, locals know Fremont St. is the best place to head if we want to party. Sure the hotels and attractions pull in some tourists, but with so many things to do in Downtown Las Vegas you're less likely to run into the annoying crowds that hang out on the Strip. Plus Fremont is home to some new and awesome attractions as the younger generation moves in to clean up and renovate the neighborhood into a trendier place to hang out. You can hit the container park, check out a record store (our fav!), and then head up the street just in time for the party.

Best Place to Cool Off: We know the hotel pools rock. But in the summer they're jammed with boozy out-of-towners looking for fun. Local's hit either Wet and Wild or Cowabunga Bay for a day of fun. I should also add that most of us have our own pools. A coping mechanism for the 115 degree weather from May-October. 

Best Ways to Eat: (bold title please!) Let me tell you a secret: we love to eat! We have some of the best food here too from In n Out to the crazy delicious restaurants on the Strip. But us local's all know two things: 1) local casinos have the best buffets and 2) local casinos have the best breakfasts. Yep! Vegas local's love to hit up our local neighborhood casinos for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! And here in our 24 hour town, you can even stop by for midnight breakfasts! Yum!

Best Quick Trip Out of Town: In most states there are little towns scattered not too far from the main city. Unfortunately in Nevada our biggest cities are not only 500 miles apart but in different climates! That's right, the distance from Reno to Vegas in over 500 miles. But local's know another fun escape when we want to get out of town and explore. Just outside of Henderson, south of Las Vegas Blvd, we have Boulder City. BC is a quaint little town that was founded with the building of the Hoover Dam. It's home to fun places like Pit Stop for burgers, A&W where you can get a glass of root beer "on tap" and a ton of cute little antique shops. 

Best Places to Live: I don't know why we get asked this so often, but the majority of your "typical families" live at least 15 minutes from the Strip. We live in either Henderson (a small city that's basically blended into the Vegas area) , Green Valley (a suburb in Henderson), Boulder City, North Las Vegas, or Summerlin. Nobody lives down by the Strip. Nobody wants to live down there! We're content in our nice stucco homes with a view of the city, and we wouldn't have it any other way. 

Las Vegas is one of the most unique places in the world. It's home to both some of the most interesting people, and some of the most normal. We love to have a good time, and we love when tourists enjoy our city! We hope to see you soon here in the fabulous Las Vegas.

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Morgan is a 20 year old wanna-be 4th grade teacher,  a leggings as pants advocate, a Friends enthusiast, and a lover of God. She loves country music, Dr. Pepper, and Bath & Body Works candles. You can find her blogging at Blessed Messes. You can also follow her on Twitter or Instagram.


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