Friday, June 3, 2016

Things to Do in Oregon

I knew it was bound to happen at some point in the tour. I knew there would be at least one state without a guest blogger. I had no idea that it would be so early in the tour or that the state without a blogger would be Oregon! (On a side note, if you know a lot about Oregon, reach out to me about writing a post to add to the tour!) So, this one was up to us!

I have only flown over Oregon. The husband was in dry dock (translation - boat repairs) in Portland for a bit but he didn't have a car or time to explore while they were there. So, neither of us felt that we could write this post without a little help. So, I turned to my Facebook friends and asked them for their favorite places to visit! I'm going to share their responses with you below! (P.S. I'll do a real post on the state whenever we finally make it there to visit!)

"I am from Astoria, Oregon. Its an awesome place. Small town but lots to do. In A,storia you can visit the column and eat at Pig n Pancake (hometown favorite). In Warrenton, the best place to eat is dairy maid. And in Seaside, there is a ton to do. You can go on the boardwalk, arcade, tons of shopping, you can drive on the beach, and have fires on the beach. There is a Pig n Pancake in Seaside also. Astoria leads into Warrenton and Warrenton leads into Seaside. The best places for coffee is either the Rusty Cup in Astoria or Dutch Bros in Astoria." - Tasha

"As a kid I loved when we went to the Sea Lion caves in Florence, Oregon Caves National Park in Cave Junction is really neat, Multnomah Falls are beautiful, and Crater Lake is amazingly gorgeous. I feel like there is much more that I am not remembering at the moment." - Tami

"Been many times. My relatives lived in Hood River. Beautiful. Portland is awesome and the coastal beaches are amazing. Loved driving through the state on the way to California. Beautiful. The Portland Zoo." - Bob & Kari (The husband's parents!)

"Tillamook Factory, Cannon Beach, and the Pearl District (Tapas at Andina, Powell's Books) in Portland are our favorites!" - Jenn

"I'm from Oregon!! These are really good suggestions above. Ashland is also a very cool little town, home to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Beyond the plays, the town breathes Shakespeare. It has lots of little Shakespeare-themed shops (Puck's Donuts is the first that comes to mind. There's also a record store called CD or Not CD, I think--worth double checking). The town has incredible mountain views, but my favorite natural element is Lithia Park. It has tons of trails surrounding Ashland Creek, which is perfect for summer walks." - Sabina

"Powell's Bookstore." - The Dahlia Scene

"Multnomah Falls, Oregon Zoo, Portland Art Museum, First and Last Thursdays (never been but sounds fun-like a street art fair etc), games and concerts at the Moda Center (renamed from the Rose  Garden), Portland International Rose Garden (the actual flower garden), Darcells (famous drag show). Powells. Tillamook Cheese factory is huge in the state." - Nora

"I have list on Pinterest places I've been and where I want to. So far one of my favorite places is Ramona Falls. I'll send you my Pinterest page." - Kristy

"Powell’s City of Books in downtown Portland. Powell's claims to be the largest used bookstore in the world. It has 4 stories of new and used books with one floor dedicated to children's books. With all the natural beauty in and around Portland one would not think someone would pick a bookstore as a vacation attraction while in the area. I was in Portland in 2002 and spent 6 hours of the one day I had free while on a week long business trip to the west coast." - Dennis

"One of the best things about Oregon is its plethora of gorgeous beaches. If you take a drive up the 101, you’ll see dozens of beaches with breathtaking views and endless fun activities. My personal favorite is in the city of Brookings, just above the California/Oregon border. I like to stay at the Whaleshead RV Resort because it provides you special access to a beautiful private beach with black sand! It’s a great place for kids to run and explore and adults to work on their tan in peace. Another of my favorites is Newport, Oregon, a great beach city where you can go horseback riding right along the coastline! There are also many little beach shops that are a blast to explore! If you’re a fan of seafood, I recommend heading to Winchester Bay, where you can go crabbing for your own seafood feast. No matter where you choose to stay along the Oregon Coast, you are guaranteed to have a wonderful, once in a lifetime experience." - Laura

Are you on information overload now? I had no idea that so many of my friends and their contacts knew things about Oregon! It was great getting to chat with new people and to discover who had a connection to Oregon. I recommend throwing it out there on Facebook the next time you're looking for tips for a place you're visiting. You'd be amazed which friends will suddenly comment!

Share your favorite Oregon places in the comments below! I'm definitely adding Oregon to my travel bucket list. (Get yours here!)

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