Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Virtual Tour Across America Kick-Off

It's June which means it's time to kick off the Virtual Tour! I can't wait to share the great posts that have been coming in to our inbox with you. There are some very talented on board for this project.

If you haven't done so already, I recommend signing up for our newsletter. Not only will you get a travel bucket list to help you plan our your travel dreams, but you'll also get a weekly update every Wednesday with links to the posts that have been published for the tour. It's an easy way to travel the country from the comfort of your home!

Today is all about kicking off the tour and explaining how it'll work. When I first came up with the idea for the tour, I thought I'd get a few guest bloggers on board to help us during our move this summer. Instead, I found that there were lots of bloggers that wanted to be a part of this collaboration and it grew into something much bigger!

There will be posts published every weekday in June, July, and August related to the tour. I've devised a schedule that starts in California (where we're currently living) and ends in Michigan where we're supposed to be moving. (We're still waiting on some final paperwork so I'm going to keep it as tentative - which is best with the military.)

Since I wanted this tour to seem like a real virtual journey, I made sure that the states could all be connected along the way (photo proof below!). The only two states that couldn't be connected easily was Hawaii and Alaska because you would need a plane to get to them. Therefore, they are the last states on our tour. The rest of the states are routed in a way that you could drive a car from the first one to the last one. It really is the ultimate road trip across America - from the comfort of your home!

As if that's not enough goodies for you (daily posts, travel bucket list, schedule, and weekly updates), I'm working on a Virtual Tour page that will be revealed at the end of the tour. It will have all of the states on one page with links to the posts. It'll be the ultimate resource for traveling the country!

One last thing before I go, there is still time to get involved with this project for most of the states. If you're interested in writing about your state and being a part of this huge collaboration, please get in touch with me at and we'll work out all of the details! You don't have to be a blogger to get involved!

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