Friday, July 29, 2016

72 Hours in Boston

I hope you're enjoying the country as we make our way through a virtual tour! Keep your eyes on the blog and our newsletter (next issue coming soon!) for important announcements about the future of the tour. It's not ending with the end of summer! Instead, it's going to be an ongoing collaborative project that anyone can participate in. We can't wait to share our big plans (and life changes - remember that major move?) with you. Until then, let's start the weekend with another awesome city tour in our country!

Boston is very well known for its vibrant historics, but is often overlooked as a haven for adventurous travelers looking for a weekend of culture, fun, and delicious treats. I moved to this city five years ago to study nursing and fell in love with its urban New England vibe. While its  brick ladened skyline is historic, these cobblestoned streets are more than their stories. Now fiercely declared a Bostonian, I'll never talk about where you pahk-ed your cah - but I will suggest off the beaten path dives to live like a local during your weekend stay.

(Harvard boat house)

(cookie monstah - food truck)


Start your trip with a late lunch in Harvard Square. Choose sandwiches and fair-trade cold-brew at Crema or a burger  at Tasty Burger.

Spend the afternoon snapping pictures of Harvard University's iconic brick campus & walk along the Charles to catch a glimpse of eager rowers.

Head over to Night Shift (Everett) or Aeronaut (Somerville) brewery for food truck eats with a crisp home-brew. Aeronaut even celebrates Friday's with live music.

If you don't want to trail off the beaten path, stay in Harvard Square for wine and a retro classic at the Brattle Theater or watch live music at the Sinclair over small bites.


(walking along Beacon st )

(cupcakes from sweet - on Beacon)

Awake to cold brew coffee and a breakfast sandwich at Pavement on Newbury Street. Spend the rest of the morning meandering the boutiques that line this shopping metropolis. Grab lunch at Sam Lagrassa's & picnic on the Boston Common. Enjoy the shade underneath the blossoming willows or grab a seat on the Swan Boats. Tattle down Beacon street for more shopping, sweet eats (Tatte), or a mid afternoon boozy delight. End your walk with a relaxing cuddle on the docks of the Esplanade. Watch sailboats chase each other across the water or even hop in a kayak for a sunset ride. Nod at the State House on your way to the North End for dinner. Dine at one of dozens of family Italian eateries and grab tickets to the Improv Asylum for a night of chuckles. Grab Late night coffee and join the rivalry by choosing a cannoli from Mike's Pastry or Modern Pastry.


(Tulips outfitting a park in South End )

Sleep in, enjoy delicious brunch at Flour (gourmet cafe) or The Beehive (live jazz brunch) in Boston's South End. Walk down to the large open air market fondly called SOWA. Grab some local crafts & homemade treats for your trip home. Before heading out grab tickets to The Red Sox or enjoy the view with a draft from one of the many rooftop bars, like The Baseball Tavern.

Boston is a my personal haven and I could not be more proud to call it home. While there's much, much more this city has to offer, a brief weekend trip will get you coming back for more. In using this guide to live like a Bostonian, I hope your stay here is fun, adventurous & (of course) delicious.

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Hi, I'm Marissa from One CrafDIY Girl. I'm a DIY/Lifestyle blogger living in the New England metropolis of Boston, MA.  I came to the city to study nursing and found bright lights and an infinite love for the city's unique rustic meets urban vibe. I love sewing, cooking, and creating. I'm always taking the inspiration from the everyday to make my world more beautiful.


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