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Favorite Festivals in Shreveport/Bossier City, Louisiana

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When people think of Louisiana, it’s not uncommon to immediately think of New Orleans. Whenever I meet anyone outside of the state and tell them where I’ve traveled from, I usually get one of two responses 1) Hurricane Katrina was such a tragedy, or 2) Mardi Gras! Bourbon! Etc. Etc.

I’ve been living in Shreveport/Bossier City for a little over a decade now, and the difference in lifestyles between north and south Louisiana are vast. I’ve only been to south Louisiana a handful of times, but trust me when I say that New Orleans in and of itself is like its own little country.

One thing I enjoy about living in north Louisiana is the amount of festivals that come to the area. I also love the sense of community when attending these festivals. Everyone is just out to have a good time. No one is in a rush to do any particular thing. Most people have a beer or other beverage in their hand, good food is consumed and there’s usually some kind of musical entertainment. It’s all, for lack of a better term, chill.

Having lived in north Louisiana for the past ten years, I’ve attended most of these festivals, and I have different reasons for loving them all.  

6 | Holiday in Dixie

Holiday in Dixie is basically a mini fair. It’s held downtown in Festival Plaza every spring. The purpose of the festival is to celebrate the Louisiana Purchase. There’s always a lineup of local music artists playing. The food is pretty dang delicious. There’s a parade, a treasure hunt, rides and games. It lasts ten days, and I usually end up going more than once.  

5 | Mudbug Madness
Crawfish is my favorite food, so naturally, Mudbug Madness is one of my favorite festivals. Even though it takes place in the hot heat of Louisiana summer, it’s worth it to go out and get some good crawfish for an even better price. They have some fun zydeco music playing the background and also feature some local music artists. There are several vendors featuring unique products as well as items by local artists. I mostly just go for the crawfish though.


4 | Barksdale Air Force Base Air Show
Being an Air Force brat, I love the brave men and women who fight for our country. Growing up, my family and I always went to the air show near whichever base we lived on/near at the time. When I moved to Shreveport, my dad had already retired, but my love for the air show hasn’t declined in the slightest. Barksdale is the only base that puts on an air show every single year, and that just goes to show how incredibly supportive north Louisiana is to our military.



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3 | Red River Revel Arts Festival
Being a creative myself, I enjoy browsing the artwork of others. Many of the artists that feature their work at the Revel include works inspired by Louisiana, and those ones are usually my favorite. It’s amazing what people can do with a simple fleur de lis. The festival features over 100 artists as well as a variety of music artists.



2 | Mardi Gras 
There’s a huge difference in celebrating Mardi Gras in New Orleans and celebrating in Shreveport. The reputation that you often hear about Mardi Gras is what’s associated to the happenings of NOLA, but Shreveport is a little less crazy, but still a lot of fun. One thing I love is that the parade route goes through some neighborhoods, so if you have friends that live along the parade route, this eliminates issues of parking. Shreveport also has a permit for open container laws, so if you’re walking or standing around enjoying the parade, you don’t have to be wary about enjoying an adult beverage while watching the festivities and catching some goods. All that aside, it’s also pretty family friendly. Everyone is just out to have a fun time and catch plastic beads that will ultimately either be recycled or thrown out later, and I love it. 
mardi gras 


 1 | State Fair of Louisiana 
Naturally, the State Fair is one of the biggest festivals that happens in north Louisiana. Every time I’ve gone, it’s been a blast. I’m not usually one for riding rides because they give me headaches, but I do enjoy a few rounds on the ferris wheel (even though I do have a fear of heights). I love fair food. I love bumper cars. I love the petting zoo. Yes, I do always feed the giraffes and attempt to pet the goats. I also enjoy taking those old timey photos. I always have a fun time at the fair, and I try to go every year it comes around. 




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