Monday, July 18, 2016

Just Another Military Move Story

You may have noticed our absence last week from the blog. It wasn't intentional, but it did happen. I spent a lot of time getting ahead for the week we'd be on the road. The plan was to do another batch of posts once we got to our hotel in Port Huron. However, our internet was less than predictable and getting posts done was not as easy as I predicted it would be.  The Virtual Tour is still going on and we have more travel posts to bring you this week. We thought we'd stop in with a move update first.

Our moving adventure started on July 5 when the car transport company contacted us and said they'd be picking up my car on July 7. This didn't exactly work since we would be leaving the area on July 6 after the movers came. (And the only person we trusted to meet the car transport company in our absence was away on vacation in France.) After several back and forth calls, we decided to drive the car to Sacramento to drop it off with the company. It was a two hour drive in both directions due to rush hour traffic. That took up most of our evening.

The next day (July 6) was spent watching the mover pack up our entire place. There were also errands to be run - cancelling cable, getting an oil change, etc. Everything was done around five or six and we set out on the road. It's a 34 hour drive from California to Michigan. You can find many pictures from our lengthy drive on our Instagram account.

After a detour to see family in Indiana, we arrived in Port Huron on Sunday, July 10. We spent Monday exploring and relaxing a bit. Tuesday was spent looking at six or seven houses that our realtor had lined up for us. The stories we can tell from that adventure might leave you with nightmares (seriously - one house had a dead bat in the kitchen!). We did manage to find a gem hidden among the houses we looked at and we started the process towards buying it.

Wednesday was spent driving about an hour to meet my car. For some reason, they wouldn't deliver to Port Huron but we were able to meet them at a residential location in what felt like the middle of nowhere. My car arrived in one piece and we were excited to check another item off of our list. We took it to the husband's new base so that it was parked in a safe place while our adventures continued.

After several days of hotel living, we found ourselves back on the road on Thursday. This time our road trip took us to Arkansas and the husband's family. We haven't seen them in 2 years (when we got married) so a visit with them was long overdue. That's where we are currently - visiting with family in Arkansas. Everyone is beyond happy to have us closer to them and within easy driving distance. I think we're going to have a lot of visitors in Michigan! 

Needless to say, I'm not looking forward to going back to hotel living in about a week and a half but a military family has to do what with what they can during a major move across the country.

What about you? What have you been up to in the past few weeks? We'd love to hear about your summer adventures in the comments below!


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