Friday, July 1, 2016

Top Things to See in Texas

Texas is one of the biggest states in the country, which means it has lots to offer to visitors! We're excited to have Heather on the blog today sharing some of her favorite things to see in Texas! We hope you enjoy her list as much as we did!

When I first moved to Austin, Texas, at the age of 9, I thought it was all tumbleweeds and cowboys.  I have now been here for about 22 years and I can say that I have not seen one single tumbleweed.  The cowboys on the other hand, hello George Strait!  There are so many places to visit in Texas and all for different reasons.  The Lone Star State’s capital, Austin, is home to two of the biggest music festivals, while Fredericksburg is known as the next Napa Valley!  San Antonio is home to Sea World and the ever so famous River walk.  And let’s not forget the RODEOS! 

Austin, Teas is home of two of the biggest music festivals, ACL and SXSW.  Hundreds of people from all over, including celebrities fly in for these. Both are major events in Austin and if you are a music lover you should definitely make it to one or both of these.  Going from downtown music festivals to the hidden greenbelts right off major highways is another must see for those visiting Austin.  These greenbelts are found deep in the woods with some of the most gorgeous views you will ever see.

 Greenbelt Off 360

If you are coming to Austin with the family there are so many family friendly activities.  Our all time favorite spot is about 10 minutes outside of Austin and what my son calls the Dinosaur Park.  The Dinosaur Park has a trail into the woods where you will find your self on a mission to find dinosaur eggs and fossils.  During this mission you will stumble across life size replicas of dinosaurs like the T-Rex and Stegosaurus.  Once you have made your way back the kids can play on the play-scape or dig for fossils in the sand pits.

 Dinosaur Park

Austin, Houston and San Antonio all host a Rodeo each year around Spring Break.  The Houston Rodeo is the biggest but you can find fairgrounds at all three with games and of course turkey legs, corn on the cobb and funnel cake.  Major country singers perform each night after the actual rodeo, where you will find cow wrangling, bull riding and tiny cowboys/cowgirls riding sheep.  This is definitely an all day family event.

San Antonio is about an hour and a half south of Austin.  On the way to San Antonio you should stop at the Wildlife Ranch where you can drive around acres of property feeding animals out of the windows of your car.  The next place to stop on your way to San Antonio would be Natural Bridge Caverns.  Here you walk miles underground into the most beautiful caverns and caves you will ever see.  San Antonio is home to Sea World, Fiesta Texas, and the San Antonio Zoo.  The River walk is a well-known place to stay with hotels, restaurants and even a boat ride.  The Rainforest CafĂ© is a kid friendly restaurant where you can dine with elephants, snakes and tigers, but don’t worry they are not real.  If you are a basketball fan the San Antonio Spurs play in the Astrodome not far from the River walk.  

 Natural Bridge Caverns

If Texas is on your list of places to visit you must make it to the Hill Country.  The Hill Country has rolling hills and wide-open fields full of wildflowers.  Fredericksburg is my favorite place in all of Texas!  45 minutes from Austin and a peaceful drive through the Texas Hill Country you will come to the wineries of Fredericksburg.  I highly recommend this as a weekend trip, an adults only weekend trip.  I have made dozens of day trips out here but the two times I stayed for a couple days is what made me fall in love.  There are hotels you can stay in on Main Street, but finding a house a couple miles away is the way to go.  They have houses you can rent that sleep multiple couples or smaller ones for just two.  While in Fredericksburg you must make it to Enchanted Rock.  Though the climb up may be a struggle the view makes it all worth it.  Luckenbach, Texas is a short ride and the tiniest town you will ever see, with a dancehall where you can two step the night away.  Fredericksburg is quickly becoming the next Napa Valley.  Here in Texas you will find quality wine, fewer tourists and the friendliest people you will ever encounter.  Plus I bet you don’t find a winery in Napa called the Fat Ass Winery!

 Enchanted Rock

This are only a small handful of the fun things to do in Texas, the list is never-ending; Plus, where else can s cows be chased down the median of major highways? 

About the Author

Heather is a mom, wife, blogger, lover of themed parties and coffee living her luxe life in Austin, Texas with her husband and their son.  After her own struggle with becoming healthy she became a certified health coach.  Her passion is helping busy women find themselves through healthy living.  You can follow her at or find her on Instagram and Facebook at mommysluxelife.  



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