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48 Hours in Morgantown, West Virginia

With descriptions like “Almost Heaven” and “Wild and Wonderful,” West Virginia is one state that should be on every wanderlusting adventurer's bucket list. I mean, there’s even a song written about it, y’all (Google Country Roads right now). As a born and raised WV native and proud WVU alumni, it’s only fitting that I spend this time convincing you to go to the state known as “The Mountain Mama.” But I know what you’re thinking: what does one actually do in West Virginia? It’s all just a bunch of rednecks who date their cousins, right? Wrong.

Contrary to popular belief, West Virginia is a state that is rich in history, scenery and tradition. But if you’re not entirely convinced that West Virginia is the best place to plan your next road trip (I’ve seen Wrong Turn, too), I have a happy medium: Morgantown, West Virginia.

Morgantown, West Virginia is a city located about 45 minutes south of Pittsburgh and home to the greatest university on Earth: West Virginia University (I’m not biased or anything). Morgantown is a great place to plan your first trip to West Virginia because there’s something to do no matter what time of year you go. I recently took a quick weekend trip back to see family and friends and I’ve rounded up a few of the great things you can do in Morgantown, West Virginia and the surrounding areas.

Sights to See

Woodburn Circle:
Woodburn Circle is the heart of the West Virginia University campus. Woodburn Hall, the university’s most recognizable building, was built in 1876 and since the rise of social media, has been featured in thousands of Instagrams. Take a few minutes to snap a selfie in front of these historic buildings and take in the beauty of the WVU campus.

High Street:
Just off of the WVU campus is Morgantown’s best known street: High Street. High Street is the main road that runs through the heart of Morgantown’s downtown area and is a popular nighttime destination for college students and townies alike. Stroll down this street during the day and take in the shops and boutiques or at night for bars and killer restaurants. Be sure to check out student favorite, Tailpipes Burgers.

Coopers Rock:
About 20 minutes east of Morgantown is Coopers Rock, a state park with a gorgeous scenic overlook and some great hiking. Regardless of whether or not you’re the outdoor type, definitely check out the Coopers Rock overlook, especially in the fall. If the weather is good, pack a cooler and grab some grilling essentials for the perfect outdoor BBQ.

Foods to Eat

Pepperoni Rolls:
Also known as the world’s best food. Seriously, stop in any gas station in West Virginia and you’ll find these state gems. Fresh baked bread packed with pepperoni and cheese, these rolls make the perfect grab and go snack. I’m not kidding, grab an entire bag full because you can’t get them anywhere else.

Dairy Creme Corner:
Known lovingly by the locals as DCC, Dairy Creme Corner is home to the world’s best ice cream. I’ll fight you on that. Located 25 minutes south of Morgantown in a place called Fairmont, you’ll find this little ice cream shop located just off of the interstate. Literally everything they have is delicious but they’re best known for their enormous ice cream cones and “Avalanches” (think DQ Blizzard). My pick: go for the curly fries and an Upside Down Banana Split.

Pies & Pints:
Who doesn’t love pizza and beer? Well, Pies & Pints is the place for you. Try any  of their outrageous combination pizzas (yes, grapes can work on a pizza) and sample local beers or stick to basics and make your own. They also have phenomenal cheesy garlic bread and wings.

Things To Do

WVU Football Game:
If you ever have the chance to watch the Mountaineers in action while in Morgantown do not miss this opportunity. It’s a one of a kind atmosphere that you won’t regret experiencing. Can’t make a football game? Basketball has a pretty electric atmosphere too.

As I mentioned, Downtown Morgantown has a pretty happening nightlife. From clubs to bars, there’s literally something for everyone on High Street. Bonus? Most of the restaurants are open late too. My pick: Fat Daddy’s. Two Words: Liquor Pitchers.

West Virginia Black Bears:
Recently, Morgantown, WV became home to a minor baseball team called the West Virginia Black Bears. While I’ve never had the pleasure of watching them play myself, I’ve heard great things about the experience! Their seasons usually kick off in June so it’s the perfect thing to do if you’re planning a summer trip!

If you ever need advice on planning a West Virginia trip, definitely reach out to any WV native. We’re seriously the nicest people. We’ll even help you learn all the words to Country Roads.


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