Friday, August 26, 2016

More to New York than the City

When you meet a New Yorker, what do you picture? From my experience, people assume that I’m from New York City. Interestingly enough, there is a huge part of the state that isn’t city! Lol! Therefore, I am required to talk about my hometown, Olean, NY. Where I grew up, there were farms, muddy boots and hard manual labor. Olean celebrated their status of having the highest population of black squirrels in the region and delicious maple syrup and our St. Bonaventure Bonnies. If you are in the area, I highly suggest you have breakfast at Sprague’s Maple Farms! They have delicious breakfast, maple syrup to DIE for and large portions. Did I mention that we love college basketball? I grew up watching Bonnies games and ended up attending St. Bonaventure University. If you have the opportunity to see a home game, you will see the love that the community has for their team. Having lived in this area for a majority of my life, I moved to the big cities as a way of expanding and learning.

Buffalo N.Y., a place that is more widely known, was a short drive from my hometown and therefore was my first venture away from “the sticks.” A small city situated about a half hour drive from Niagara Falls, was much more diverse, introducing me to new cultures, food and ideas. My BFF and I frequently headed to local places like Towne Restaurant, a small Greek place on Elmwood, a hipster destination If I have ever seen one. Papaya, a restaurant on Chippewa and Delaware, is a delicious Asian fusion restaurant. As far as things to do with a family, I suggest a trip to SkyZone! They accommodate all ages, if your child can walk, they will adore this trampoline park adventure complete with foam pit and basketball hoops. The tourist area for Niagara Falls is also nice, however I would not choose to stay at a hotel in the area. If you plan to stay, I would opt for a hotel either on the Canadian side of the falls or take the trip to Buffalo.

Of course, I can’t ignore the elephant in the room, New York City. I lived in Manhattan and the Bronx for several years. It is a wonderful place to visit, however I chose to move to the suburbs to raise my children. There are more delectable restaurants than I can ever mention here. One thing I will talk about is hotdogs! Every person that visits Manhattan should stop at a Gray’s Papaya. Not because they are fancy, but because they are like a NYC institution lol. As far as tourist destinations, there are many. I suggest a tour on the Circle Line Cruise. They circle Manhattan and pull up close to the Statue of Liberty. You are able to get an overall idea of the city and some beautiful NYC photos. The Ground Zero memorial is also a mandatory stop, and most definitely go for a walk through Times Square at night!
I hope that you have enjoyed my description of New York and suggested places to visit! If you are from New York and can add to what I have written, please leave a comment below!

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Silly Fun Momma is a Non-traditional New Yorker, Mom of three boys, and Disabled Combat Veteran. She writes about pregnancy, children, education and related current events. She can be found on her blog or you can follow her on Twitter , Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram.

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