Thursday, September 8, 2016

Dear Military Spouse: Do Something for Yourself

Last year, I had the special opportunity to be an ambassador for the first Military Spouse Wellness Summit. The event was well received and as a result, they're bringing it back again this year! Given the crazy changes my life has gone through lately with moving and being pregnant, I think the timing of this event is absolutely perfect! I'm looking forward to putting aside some time in October to focus on my needs before the baby comes. I hope you'll join in and do the same!

Dear military spouse,

I'm here today to ask you to do something for yourself. This event isn't about your kids or your husband, it's about you and your wellness. (Okay, there may be some mentions of your relationship as well since that's important to your health.) I'm only sharing this event with you because I truly care about you and want to give you the opportunity to participate in this event with me. I'm going to lay out all of the details below and then you can decide for yourself if it's worth joining.

The event is brought to you by InDependent, Corie Weathers, and Armed Forces Insurance. (Check them out - it's a pretty powerful team of people!)

This year's theme is "Happily Ever After" which makes me super excited! I love fairy tales and the concept of happily ever after. The summit will consist of several emails featuring guest speakers sent directly to your inbox! No extra work for you to find the information! Did I mention the event is FREE?

The Summit begins Monday, October 17 and ends on Friday, October 22 (two days before my 30th birthday!). There's also a bonus day on Saturday complete with a prize from Military Benefit Association

Listen online! All of the recordings from guest speakers will be available to participants throughout the week. If you wish to access them after the summit, then I recommend picking VIP membership when you sign up.

I could go on and on about why you should join this event, but I'll keep it simple. The first reason - it's free (unless you pick VIP membership which has a small fee) so you have nothing to lose! Second, it's time you did something for yourself! And third, you'll be surprised by how much you benefit from this great event! And if you need one more reason, there are great prizes involved! Doesn't everyone love winning things?

Now it's your turn to decide. Are you going to do something for yourself? Are you going to sign up for the Military Spouse Wellness Summit with me?

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