Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Deployment Survival Kit for Military Spouses

Deployments are hard. They're difficult for the people who leave and for those that stay behind. That's why I'm bringing you a few things that you should have in your "survival kit" if you're a military spouse going through a deployment.

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Are you facing a deployment? Know a friend that's facing a deployment? Then it's time to create a personal deployment survival kit to help them through the tough time!

You can easily substitute the wine with tea, coffee, or another favorite drink. The point is to have some sort of "comfort drink" available for hard days. (I highly recommend drinking your chosen drink in moderation! I do not encourage getting wasted.) Make it a bit more special by picking out a special glass just for those rough days.

Stuffed Companion
This one is super important! Your bed is going to get a bit lonely with your spouse away. Fill it up a little with a comforting stuffed companion. Pick out one that's unique to you! We picked out a stuffed pig named Porkchop for my mom when my dad went away. I have a stuffed Razorback pillow pet named Razor for my companion. He even accompanies me on my travels!

Chick Flicks
Deployments are the perfect time to enjoy those movies that your husband doesn't like! I love indulging in chick flicks when the husband is gone. (Here's a few of my favorites!) If you're not a fan of chick flicks, then I recommend finding a favorite new series on Netflix to spend your time watching.

Epsom Salts
I love my weekly Epsom salt baths! Bubble baths and special body lotions can be good as well. Take a little time for yourself and practice a little self care while your husband is away. Indulge in something special!

A lot is going to happen while your apart. Make sure that you have a good camera to help capture those moments. Let's face it - not all phone cameras produce high quality pictures. I loved emailing some of my favorite moments to my husband while he was deployed. It's a great way to stay connected.

There is going to be a point in the deployment when you start counting down to his return. A calendar will become your best friend during this time! I recommend investing in a whiteboard calendar so that you can adjust dates as needed. Remember, dates are never definite with the military!

So there you have it - a few simple items that can help make your next deployment a little more bearable! Are there any items you would add to the list?

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