Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Ten Essential Cleaning Supplies

As you may recall, we recently bought a house. It turns out that buying a house is a lot different from renting an apartment. When you rent, the previous tenants and the landlord but a little effort into making sure the place is clean and ready for move in. When you buy, the previous owners throw in the dirt and grime for free. Or at least they did in our case. There was a lot of cleaning involved before the movers came and that's what inspired this post.

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Every house tends to have an arsenal of cleaning supplies at their disposal. Keeping a house clean is simply part of adulting and we often learn various techniques in childhood. Knowing was supplies to have on hand isn't always so easy. So, I'm bringing you our list of 10 cleaning supplies that you should always have on hand.

I recommend keeping gloves on hand for two different reasons. They are super helpful if you're dealing with harsh chemicals. (I tend to avoid harsh chemicals for the most part but there are those extreme cases.) They are also handy if you run into a super dirty situation and don't want your hands getting messed up. There are two different ways to buy gloves for your cleaning stash. You can buy disposable gloves. These gloves are great if you plan to throw them away afterwards. You can also buy reuseable gloves. These typically come in fun designs, are thicker, and can be used over and over again which saves you money in the long run.

Water is essential to a good cleaning spree. However, most houses don't have a faucet in every room. This is where a bucket is important. A bucket can help us get water from room to room. It doesn't have to be fancy - any simple bucket will do. It just needs to be able to carry water. I also recommend picking one with a handle!

Cloths can be used for so many different things. In fact, you're probably going to want several different kinds of cloths for different cleaning tasks. Regular washcloths are great for tough jobs, including bathrooms and kitchens. I recommend using white cloth diapers for dusting and wiping down furniture. (Remember when I said we learn cleaning habits as a kid? Well this is a tip I picked up from my mom!)

Sponges are another reusable cleaning tool! They can be used in many rooms for many jobs. Sponges come in many shapes and sizes. Make sure you pick the one that best suits your needs!

I bet you think this one is to help with the dishes! Well, you're wrong. This is actually a great bathroom cleaning tool. I recommend buying a dishwand and filling it with dawn and vinegar. Then, keep it in the shower and use it to clean your tub. It makes the job much easier and you can do it more frequently to prevent a really messy cleaning job.

Paper Towels
Up to this point, I've mostly recommend reuseable supplies. This is because I'm slowly trying to work towards cutting down on waste. (We've actually made a lot of progress already through recycling, composting, and burning.) There are jobs from time to time that call for a paper towel though. That's the reason they're included on this list. I also like paper towels the best for washing windows. This could change in the future as I experiment with different textured cloths.

If you have tile, hardwood, or laminate floors, then I recommend getting a mop. My favorite is the Swiffer Wetjet. I like that I don't have to deal with a dirty bucket of mop water. I'm on the search for a pattern to make reuseable cloths though to save money and waste. If you have any recommendations, please send them my way!

This is another cleaning tool that comes in handy with tile, hardwood, and laminate. It can also help with the outside chores as well. (We're not really discussing those today though.) We picked up a basic broom and dustpan set but you can get fancy with these. It's a matter of preference. I also recommend picking up a hand broom for small spills or if you have little hands that might be helping you while you clean. (My students used to love helping with the hand broom!)

Do you have carpets? Then you're going to want a vacuum cleaner! We recently picked up a new one since I wanted to clean before our household goods arrived. (Yes, we now own two - one is in the basement.) We picked out an upright, bagless design that would be good for pet hair. I love that I can see how full it is. Our other vacuum has a bag and I never know how full it is until it's time to change it!

Cleaning Products
Cleaning wouldn't be complete without cleaning products! I'm not going to offer up a lot of recommendations for this category because everyone has different tastes and needs when it comes to cleaning supplies I am going to recommend that you keep water, vinegar, dawn, and lemon essential oil on hand though. These four items can clean just about anything in your house!

If you had to pick a cleaning product to recommend to others, which one would it be? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!

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