Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Self Reflection

Healthy communication is a huge part of a strong relationship. With that being said, I love the new link up I found from Belle Brita and plan to participate in each month. Each month, her husband and her interview each other and post the answers on their blog. They're now inviting others to join in and we'll definitely be participating in the future.

Normally, the husband would be answering these questions as well. It's taken us a few months to get past the humdrum of deployments, moving, buying a house, pregnancy, and him settling in at a new station. We're finally starting to settle in and he'll be rejoining me more here on the blog. (Seriously - he already has a post he's excited to write about a DIY project.) In the meantime, I'm going to be answering the questions for December. He'll be joining me in January for those questions.

You can expect a few new things from us in 2017 as our lives take a new direction as homeowners, pet owners, and parents. We'll still be sharing lots of great content, just with a new perspective on things. I'll be talking more about these changes in our next post though. This one is all about reflecting through the questions for the month.

1) How have you become a better person this year?
I have grown a lot as a person this year. I have learned to be me in all situations. I've spent this past year doing a lot of self reflection on my values and what I want out of life. Along with this has been many conversations about the same topics with my husband. After buying our house in the country, many people told me they were surprised by our choice. For me though, the choice feels exactly right. I grew up near a city but I'm quickly learning to be more of a country girl and I love that.

I'm not going to lie - the prospect of being a mother has also made me reevaluate my values and what I want to be passing on. This is an area that I'm constantly working on lately. I'm sure it's one that I'll continue to work on in the future. Making decisions for someone else is twice as difficult as making hard decisions for yourself.

2) What do you think about creative outlets? Do you have one, and if so, what is it? 
I love creative outlets and I have several different ones. The blogs that I run (Hodge Podge Moments, The Coastie Couple, and a new one coming in January) are a major creative outlet for me. In addition to the blogs, I also enjoy photography, crafting, cooking, and writing. I tend to be happiest when I'm being creative.

3) In a perfect world, what would be your top 5 priorities in life? 
I would like to think that my top 5 priorities are the same regardless of how perfect the world is - family, friends, happiness, helping others, and staying true to my values. These are values that I feel would be with me regardless of the condition of the world. I'm a strong believer in putting your community (family and friends) and happiness towards the top of your list.  (P.S. The dogs are included in my definition of family.)

4) What do you want to improve about your life in 2017?
I'll be talking more about exact goals in the next post, but I can give an overview now. The things I want to improve in my life are all centered around the way I live my life - the products I use, the choices I make, and the way I live my life. Check back Thursday for more details on each of these areas!

How was your 2016? We'd love to hear the highlights in the comments below!

Until next time, happy living and we hope you make the most of your day!

Oh and go link up at Belle Brita with your own answers!


  1. Thanks so much for joining me this month! I look forward to hearing your husband's answers next month, but remember you can interview anyone! I didn't want to limit this just to those of us with significant others ;)

    I think it's interesting that you and Dan both answered that your priorities would be the same regardless. I think that shows how my perspective really influenced the question! My first priority has to be my health, and I wish that weren't true.

    1. It really is interesting to see how priorities are different for everyone! What's also interesting to me is how my priorities change over time!

      Thanks for hosting - I probably will interview different people each month to make it more fun and interesting.