Tuesday, January 24, 2017

He Said, She Said: Dog Edition

Nobody signed up for this week's edition of "He Said, She Said," so I thought we'd have a little fun with it. We'll be enlisting the help of our dogs for this week's edition and I think you'll enjoy getting this little glimpse into more of our family. Don't forget that you can sign up to be featured in a future "He Said, She Said" by simply emailing me at thecoastiewife@gmail.com!

Today, we have Mr. Gibbs and Ella here to answer a few questions. Since they are not a couple, I have altered the questions to be more applicable to their relationship and species. You can read more on each of their back stories at the bottom of this post.

Do you have a nickname?

Ella: Mommy likes to call me Ella Belle or Baby Girl when she's happy with me.

Mr. Gibbs: They call me Gibbs a lot - the mister must be a formality. There's also a lot of other names that come out when I've done something wrong.

What is your favorite time of day?

Ella: My favorite time of day is in the evening when I can get extra attention from the humans.

Mr. Gibbs: I love Deer-Thirty. At least that's what Daddy calls the time of day when the deer are in the backyard and I can see them.  I love love love trying to look out all of the windows in the house!

What's your favorite treat?

Ella: Definitely Beggin Strips or peanut butter in the Kong.

Mr. Gibbs: Daddy just finished getting the ice maker installed. Even though it's freezing outside, I'm in love with the on demand ice capabilities of the freezer now.

What is your favorite toy?

Ella: I really like the antler when it comes to chewing.

Mr. Gibbs: There's this frog that Ella brought with her when she moved in. I love the way it squeaks - especially when it's annoying Daddy! And there's the rope...and the a Intler...and the alligator...and the duck...and I think I'm going to have to say all of them!

What is your favorite thing to do during the day?

Ella: I love stealing people's seats when they get up to do something - especially if they have a better pillow option.

Mr. Gibbs: I love running around the backyard - especially when Ella plays with me.

Are you looking forward to the new baby?

Ella: I've been around babies before - they aren't much fun until I'm able to play with them. How long will it be before I can play with him?

Mr. Gibbs: What's a baby?

About the Dogs

Ella has been a part of the family since before the husband and wife met. She was adopted in 2011 by the wife and for three years, they lived happily together in Charleston. When the wife moved to California to join the husband, decisions had to be made and Ella was left in the care of her grandparents and her best friend, Kandy (the family dog). Kandy passed away shortly after the wife and husband moved to Michigan and it was decided that Ella would come live in Michigan where she'd have a new companion (Mr. Gibbs), a little boy (soon!), and a big back yard to play in.

Mr. Gibbs was adopted in September of 2016 and is the first dog that the husband and wife have owned together. He was adopted from a local animal shelter after a lot of searching. He came home with them the day after they closed on the house. He seems to have adjusted well and really enjoys having a family. He absolutely adores his big sister and loves to be near someone at all times.

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