Thursday, January 19, 2017

He Said, She Said: Hey Little Sweet Thing

We're so excited to be introducing you to some of the bloggers we've met through networking and blogging over the next couple of months. Today, we're bringing you another edition of He Said, She Said featuring Missy from Hey Little Sweet Thing and her husband! I think you'll enjoy their answers below quite a bit!

What is the story behind how you two met?

He said: We met through a friend.

She said: Theres nothing really exciting to this one- what he said!

How long have you been together?

He said: 6 years.

She said: 6 years together as a couple and married for 3. (I think it's 3, I can't quite remember ... shhhh)

When did you know that your spouse was “the one”? 

He said: To be brutally honest, I was very anti marriage for a long time but but from the get go, she didn't boss me about, wasn't crazy and she had her shit together, a no B/S attitude, had a strong sense of self and knew who she was and that is exactly what I was looking for so I put a ring on it.

She said: At the start, I wasn't sure. He proposed after a month of dating and I said yes not actually knowing what was going to happen. He was funny, wasn't unbearable, we started a random life together and it somehow worked. After we had a kid, I finally decided that he was the one and we got married haha.

What is your favorite TV show and/or movie to watch together?

 He said: Favourite TV show is either the Mentalist or Criminal minds because we like to try and solve it before the TV reveals it to us and for the movie, we'll both watch anything with Melissa McCarthy or Robert Downy JNR

She said: For the TV show SNL 34 or 35 (those are the best seasons!) and for the movie anything with Bruce Willis!

What is your spouse’s favorite food? What is your favorite food? 

He said: The wife favourite food is anything pasta and mine is Lasagna

She said: He loves Lasagna and mine would be anything pasta based in a creamy sauce.. with some bacon!

What is your favorite thing to do as a couple? 

He said: We've gone through quite a few things over the years as our relationship is continually evolving so the things we've enjoyed to do together in the past has changed. Right now, its bush walking and chasing waterfalls.

She said: That's really hard because its always changing. At the moment it is exploring the forests in our city and finding waterfalls. It has been an awesome bonding experience.. even if I have been made to crawl under bridges covered in spiderwebs!

If the house caught on fire right now, what would be the first thing you grabbed?

He said: Assuming that the wife and child were already out of the house, it would probably be my PRS custom 24 electric guitar

She said: If the hubby and the little one were already outside then a bunch of hair ties! If I'm going to watch my house burn, I need to have mine and my kiddos hair out of our faces because it's wild! If they weren't, then i'd go for the child first!

If money were no object, where would you take your spouse for a week? 

He said: Bora Bora to stay in a shack built on stilts above the crystal clear water.

She said: I'm going to be selfish- PARIS! I've always wanted to go there and go up the Eiffel Tower and eat legit French pastrie so he has to come too.

Describe the perfect date night with your spouse.

 He said: It has to involve pasta and wine, a romantic comedy or SNL season 35 and a little bit of "mummy and daddy cuddling".

She said: I'll crush his dreams right now shall I? It would be an early night in bed to catch up on sleep!

Describe your spouse in just three words. 

He said: Creative. Strong. Smart.

She said: Dorky. Intelligent. Loving.

About the Featured Blogger:
The name is Missy and I'm a blog writing, messy bun, sweary, tight wearing, in yesterday’s tee-shirt wife to a very talented IT consultant and a baking, homeschooling wannabe mum to a chaotic, sweet and clever little 3 year old. We live in little ole New Zealand where our life is a tad busy but full of fun and love.

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