Thursday, January 5, 2017

January Date Night Ideas

Today's post is going to be the first in the series of posts over the course of 2017. Each month (on the first Thursday), we're going to be bringing you a list of date night ideas for the month. We're hoping to share ten different ideas a month based on the season and holidays. We hope you'll return each month to check out our ideas!

January is a cold month when it comes to dates since it's smack dab in the middle of winter. We tried our best to pick a few outdoor dates, but most of the dates ended up being indoors for this month. Don't worry - we'll make up for that in the spring months!

Movie night
This one may seem a little cliche but it's always a good fall back - especially when the weather gets cold and the roads become hard to navigate. The great thing about a movie date is that you have the option to make it a night out to see a movie or a cozy date in with a movie on your own screen. Make it work for you. For us, we have a movie date at the theater planned for this month since it might be our last one for a while. From what I've heard, crying babies and movie theaters don't mix well.

Cook dinner together
Take the classic dinner date and put a spin on it. Pick out a meal together, pick up the ingredients, and enjoy some time cooking something fancy (or not so fancy) for yourselves. Then, light the candles and make it into a romantic evening for two. If you want to have an element of surprise with this date, assign different parts of dinner preparation between the two of you and see what you end up with. Perhaps you cook the main entree while he does the sides.

Cozy fire
Remember when we talked about winter and how cold it can be? January is the perfect month to incorporate a fire into your date night. Maybe light it while you watch a movie or play a game together.

Snowball fight
This one can be fun with or without snow on the ground. If there's snow on the ground, bundle up and head on out for a friendly snowball fight or even building a snowman. If there's no snow on the ground, make your own snowballs from yarn or paper and have a friendly game inside!

Coffee date
With all this talk of cold and snow, a coffee or hot chocolate is sounding pretty good right about now. Head out to your favorite cafe or coffee shop and pick up a cup of your favorite beverage for a short date together. Enjoy your hot beverage inside or take it out for a wintry walk.

Goal setting date
January is a big month for goal setting. Why not sit down together and set some goals for your family. You'll spark a conversation that will help you all year while spending some quality time together. Plus you'll be on the same page for what you want out of the year!

Bowling date
It's cold outside so why not take the fun inside and hang out at the bowling alley! Use this as the perfect excuse to try out an old activity together again.

Game night
Pull out the board games or the video games and challenge your spouse to a friendly competition! Don't forget to pick up your favorite snacks and drinks to make the night even more fun.

Snow date
If you're in an area where it snows, why not take advantage of it and plan your date around the snow? There are so many fun things you could do with snow from making snow angels to sledding down a nearby hill. It's the perfect way to use the season to your advantage.

Dinner date
Consider this one your fall back date. If all else fails, get dressed up and head out to dinner together. Make the night just about you two. The important part of a date night is spending time together after all. (Can't find a sitter? Make it a late night dinner at home after the kids go to bed.)

How often do you make time for a date night? We'd love to hear about your favorites in the comments below!

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