Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Make Time to Communicate

As you know, we started our He Said, She Said series last week. With this challenge, we are challenging couples to interview each other and send us the answers so that we can feature them on Tuesdays. We feel that communication is a huge part of a relationship, which is why we're building on the He Said, She Said series and giving you a chance to get involved each and every week!

Stop for a bit and think back to your dating days. Way back - to the early days when you were still getting to know each other. I'm going to guess that there was a lot of conversation on your dates as you took the time to get to know each other. Has that conversation tapered off some?

Not married? That's fine! We weren't married or dating at one point as well. Think about your regular outings with friends and family. I'm not talking about the get together every now and then to catch up outings. I'm talking about the ones that occur regularly - maybe even every night. Are they filled with friendly conversation or do you hit periods of silence?

In either case, we've come up with something that is going to make conversation a bit more fun and lively. Each week, we're going to be sending out seven questions to our newsletter subscribers. That's one for every day of the week or seven questions to keep the conversation going on a special night of the week. Some of the questions will be simple, while others will spark conversation about hypothetical situations. They're all designed to spark conversation and help you learn new things about the people around you.

We know that it's hard to be patient and you might be reading this on a day other than Sunday (when the questions will hit your inbox), so we're going to start you off with seven questions the moment you sign up. This means you can get started with all of the fun right way!

Simply click one of the links in this email or fill in the box below to be added to our email list. Then, look for your welcome email. The next round of questions hits inboxes everywhere on Sunday!

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