Thursday, February 16, 2017

Five Things Your New Baby Actually Needs

Today's prompt for #LoveBlog is wisdom. Many ideas went through my mind for this topic after I agreed to be a cohost for the prompt. I thought about marriage and the lessons I have learned in the past two years. I thought about the many things I have learned from being a military spouse. I thought about our recent move and the many lessons I learned. There were many contenders for topics. Then, our little one arrived before I could even prep this post and I knew exactly what I wanted to write about. We weren't quite ready for his appearance and we definitely didn't have everything set up. It wasn't a big deal though because we did have the things that he really needed as a baby.

A week and a half after having Baby Coastie, his nursery is still in disarray. There are still a pile of wall hangings in the hallway that we need to take care of. And the house is far from perfect. None of this matters though because we have our little one in our arms and we're all healthy. We had the essentials that he needed ready and that's what mattered. I know the many lists out there may say otherwise but there are really only a few things that are truly a necessity for your baby. Today, I'm sharing our top five items that you need to have on hand for the arrival of a little one.

Newborns sleep a lot. This means that they need a place to rest their head when they come home. Of course, everyone has different parenting styles so a bed may look different for different people. You might choose the traditional crib, a bassinet, or a cosleeper of some sort. For us, we opted for a pack and play in our room to start out. He'll eventually move to the crib in his nursery, but for now, he's sleeping with us.

Another thing that babies do a lot is eat. After all, they have a lot of growing to do in those first few years. A baby can't eat the food we eat, so having special food on hand before he's born is important. The type of food you choose is once again up to personal preference. For us, food means breastfeeding so we made sure to have a few accessories on hand (pump, nursing bras, nipple cream, etc). For others, formula may be the good of choice. Make the choice that's best for your family but make sure you have what you need before baby gets home.

The third thing that babies do a lot is create body fluids (poop and pee for those of us not afraid of the words). You're going to need a lot of diapers over the course of time but I would definitely recommend having some newborn and size 1 on hand before baby is born. Nobody wants to make a diaper run in those first few days home. I recommend the different sizes because you never know what's going to work for your baby. This is an area with options once again - disposable or cloth diapers. It's best to make a decision before baby is born so that you're prepared for all those dirty diapers.

Babies need warmth - especially if they're born in the middle of winter like our little one. Make sure you load up on season appropriate clothing for your little one to wear. I say "load up" because babies have a way of making a mess throughout the day. Laundry quickly becomes inevitable. Also don't forget the blankets (of all shapes and sizes) that can also provide your baby with added warmth.

Car Seat
They won't let you leave the hospital without this one which is what makes it a necessity. It's important that you pick out a safe car seat that can keep your baby safe on long trips. If you're car seat is a used one, please make sure you check the expiration date. For us, we went with a new travel system that we hope will be used for this little one and any future additions to the family. Travel systems are nice because they come with a stroller, infant carrier, and car seat base. The infant carrier doubles as a car seat for the baby's first few months of life. Eventually, we'll be looking into a convertible car seat that can grow with him. This wasn't a necessity yet though.

I know I said we were sharing our top five items but I couldn't resist adding this one in. The item your baby needs more than anything else is love and security from his or her parents. Those first few weeks in the real world have got to be scary after all. Provide lots of snuggles and affection to let your little one know that it's all okay.

Do you have a little one in your life? What would you put on your necessity list?

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  1. Oh what a great list! This is so helpful. All the lists of needed baby items are seriously overwhelming. I recently walked into a "Babys 'R Us" the other day and actually started crying because I was so overwhelmed and I am nowhere close to having a baby.

  2. Wonderful list! I'm thrilled you guys are able to document things like this. I hope if I ever have a baby I can take the time to do this as well.

  3. Love is so important!!!

    Also yes, I really hope to be a low-stuff parent one day. Who knows if that will actually happen or not!

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