Monday, February 20, 2017

Setting Boundaries for Your Blog

Today's topic for #LoveBlog is boundaries. We've touched on this topic several times, including in a recent post for #LoveBlog. It's important to set boundaries within your marriage but those boundaries are going to be entirely personal and unique to your marriage. Since setting boundaries is such abpersonal thing, I thought I'd talk about another place where boundaries are important - blogging. So, today, I'm sharing how we set boundaries for our family in the online world.

When I first started blogging, it was a hobby and I never expected anyone to read my posts beyond friends and family. Truth be told, I didn't even expect them to read my posts. As my online presence has grown, so has the need for me to set boundaries. Bringing our son into the world has given me even more reason to set boundaries for our safety and sanity.

Be safe online.

The first step of setting boundaries online is establishing what will keep you safe. For us, this goes back to OPSEC and PERSEC that I talked about the other day. I'm careful about what information I share online - especially when it comes to details of what we're doing and where we are.  I even share photos on Instagram after we've done something.

Determine your off limit topics.

There are certain topics that are off limits for the blog.  Sometimes an item is off limits because it doesn't fit with the theme or purpose of the blog. Other items become off topic because they don't fit with who I am as a person (politics, religion, etc). Others become off limits because they aren't a good match for my career and a blog is public after all.

Establish what personal details you're willing to share.

I didn't realize how much people thought I shared online until we announced our pregnancy. Right after announcing, I had a Facebook friend message me asking how I'd kept it a secret for so long when I "share everything" online. I do share a lot online but I certainly don't share everything. There's a lot (some rather big) of things that didn't get shared in 2016. I pick and choose what I feel is acceptable to share about our little growing family. This is a trend that will continue to shift as our son ages.

Be open with your friends and family or use nicknames.

I sometimes include details about family or friends on the blog. I use nicknames such as Bestie K or Mom when discussing people. I don't feel that it's my place to share too much about the lives of others without their permission.

Every blog is different and therefore the boundaries set for each blog will vary. I'd love to hear about some of the boundaries you have for your blog in the comments below!


  1. Since I do post so much of my life online, I imagine people assume I post everything. I don't. I'm just very open with what I do share!

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