Thursday, February 2, 2017

Three Essential Parts of a Strong Marriage

Today's prompt for #LoveBlog is "crush." I thought about this one for a while and I even read the questions that Brita gave as prompts. One question in particular stood out to me and inspired this post for today - "How should couples handle innocent crushes in a monogamous relationship?" While this post doesn't talk directly about crushes, it does talk about three things that I feel help keep a relationship strong (and jealousy away).

I don't know how many times I've heard someone say "I don't know how you do it" when I mention long distance, military life, or deployment. My response is always simple and always connects to love. We've dealt with a lot of obstacles over the past four years and I feel that we've come out stronger because these obstacles have taught us what's important in a relationship and how to keep it strong even when we're not near each other. Today, I thought I'd share what three things keep our relationship strong and allows us to keep the green eyed monster of jealousy away.

I cannot stress enough how important communication is to a relationship. Without it, you don't really have much to stand on. Even when we're apart, we place an emphasis on communication. We let each other know what we need to feel comfortable and we follow up on it to the best of our ability. For example, if one of us is traveling on the road and conditions are less than favorably, then there's usually a courtesy call when we make it safely to our destination. It's a mutual respect of keeping each other informed - even when the conversation is tough.

Trust is another huge part of a relationship. Trust isn't something that comes automatically though - it has to be earned with time. Communication can play a huge part in building trust. If you openly discuss problems and plans, then you'll come to trust one another better. If you try to hide something from the other person, this will hinder trust and make it harder to build. One of the ways we have built trust is by being open about what's a "deal breaker" for us. We both know that there are boundaries with trust and we take our time to respect those boundaries.

Being open with one another is very important to us. There is virtually no topic that's off limits between us. (So far we haven't found one anyways.) We try to discuss anything and everything, even if the topic might be difficult. When it comes to innocent crushes, we're much more likely to point out the other person and give our opinion than to try and hide it from each other. If one of us finds someone else attractive, it becomes a topic of conversation rather than a sneak and peek moment. In fact, it sometimes becomes a debate over a difference in opinion. We've gotten some weird looks for this approach, but I think it helps us grow as a couple. At the end of the day, we're going home with our perfect match after all.

There's definitely more than just three parts to a strong marriage, but we wanted to focus on the ones that seemed most important in relation to today's prompt for #LoveBlog. If you had to pick just three essential parts of a strong marriage, what would you choose? We'd love to hear about it in the comments below!

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  1. Communication and openness definitely are key for a successful relationship! Thanks for linking up with #LoveBlog2017!

  2. One of the benefits of being bisexual is that I openly discuss women I find attractive with Dan. And then he shares whether or not he agrees. We share a lot of celebrity crushes!