Thursday, March 30, 2017

He Said She Said: Cat Edition

We're back with another edition of He Said She Said! This one is special in two ways though - it's features the cats of Random Crafty Georgia Girl and is actually a "She Said, She Said" since both of her cats are girls. So, let's have a little fun and see what the cats have to share with us today!

And here are the responses from Ollie and Peachy to our He Said She Said questions!

Do you have a nickname?
Ollie said: Well my name is Olive Belle but Mommy has called me Ollie since she got me for Christmas way back in 1999. Here's some of the names I am called. There's Olive, Olivey, Olivey Belle, Miss Belle , Baby girl, kitten, Belle (Mommy is the only one that calls me this one and is the only one I will respond to when called this).
Daddy calls me Oliver, Little Lion, Moose, Olive

Peachy said: My name is Peaches Nicole. I honestly have no idea why in the world Mommy gave me the middle name of Nicole, but I was doing something one day that was more than likely mischievous. It just came out and it stuck so now Mommy calls me me Peachy Cat, Peachy Cole, Miss Peach, Peacher. I only get called Peaches Nicole when I'm causing trouble.
Daddy calls me Peachy, Peach-a-roo, Peach Pie, anything to do with Peach food actually (this is usually when he's hungry!) Little Lion, Baby Peach

What is your favorite time of day?

Ollie said: Every night before we go to bed I get a small piece of roast beef. I also like hyper time! I run out of mommy and daddy's bedroom a half an hour after mommy wakes up for the day and run all crazy laps around the apartment!

Peachy said: I like when Daddy comes home from work! I get to come out and play. I usually hang out in our cat fort while Mommy and Daddy have dinner and relax after the long day. Our cat fort is a chair with a fleece blanket over it. Ollie and I love hiding under the chair and curling up to take a nap!

What's your favorite treat?
Ollie said: I have never met a food I didn't like. My favorite would be tuna though. Although strawberry ice cream is right up there too! I don't get people food all the time though. Mainly just as a small snack. I really love my Naturals Temptations treats and my Blue Buffalo brand treats.

Peachy said: I'm perfectly content with my cat food and cat treats. Sometimes Mommy gives me a couple of tiny pieces of roast beef at bedtime.

What is your favorite toy?
Ollie said: balls with bells in them, balls with ribbons or feathers, ribbons, feathers! Mainly balls. I love throwing them around and then chasing them across the room! Stuffed toys. We don't have a lot of catnip toys. Mommy sprays any catnip toys with Lysol before we get them because she says it's like a drug to cats.

Peachy said: Undercover mouse. It's this motorized feather wand that has a cover on it. Daddy bought several of them before we moved to Savannah because I wore them out so much in Atlanta! We go through batteries pretty hard because of that toy! I also like feathers and ribbons. My favorite toy during the holiday season is the Christmas tree. Mommy and Daddy won't let me play with it though. I don't understand why the thing is in the house if I can't climb it or eat it! Why did you bring it in if I can't play with it!

What is your favorite thing to do during the day?

Ollie said: Hanging out watching Netflix with Mommy, taking naps on her pillows, waiting for Daddy to come home from work, hanging out on the balcony, running laps around the apartment

Peachy said: We have a condo that sits right in front of the bedroom window. I love getting into the window and waiting for Daddy to come home from work. It took Mommy five months to get a picture of me from the outside.

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About the Cats

Ollie is seventeen years old and has been part of the family since she was a very small kitten. She is very spoiled and knows it. If she had a voice she would probably sound like Brain from Pinky and the Brain, but in a more feminine tone.

Peachy is eight years old and found us when she was about six months old. She wasn't getting along with some other cats in the neighborhood and decided that we needed her. The rest is history! Her voice would be Phoebe from Friends.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Once Upon a Time in Thailand

I'm excited to say that we're getting back to things after taking a break to enjoy Coastie Baby and our family that came to visit. We kept things casual in February with the #LoveBlog challenge, but we'll soon be getting back to our regular posting schedule. In fact, we'd love a little feedback - what would you like to see on the blog for the rest of the year? Travel is top on our list as we still have a lot of places and photos to share with you, including today's guest post from Lindsay.

My husband and I are frequent travelers of the world. We are lucky to have experienced many different cultures, customs, and places together. It was a big dream of ours to pack bags and go- and so we have.

Our most frequently asked question from fellow travelers and curious hopefuls is:

What has been your favorite place?

That one stumped me for a while, perhaps because I see favorite as too grand a term to live up to. But my husband knew. He had a favorite: Thailand.

As soon as the word was whispered from his lips, I could smell the incense. I could see the purple orchids everywhere, the monks in their brilliant orange robes. My tongue burned by the sweet, smooth blend of coconut curries. Our bodies walked on and bended furiously in a Thai massage. Visiting the open markets and delighting in the assault of fragrances: spice, sweat, motor oil, animal droppings, and dust. Swinging from zip lines and looking over to see the gibbons naturally doing the same feats.

Mr. B (my husband) was almost crushed by an elephant as we washed them in a rescue camp. The joyful beast made up for it later by allowing B onto his back, bending down majestically so he could find a foothold on the elephants leg and clamber up. Our story kept unfurling as we sailed out to sea caves in kayaks. The plankton in the water reacted to sunlight, and in the evening you could trace your fingers through the water. It lit up like a million fireflies. Flying down the roads on our rented mopeds, only stopping to purchase another liter of gas, the fuel filled to the brim in an old coke bottle. Learning to bow and say “thank you”. Buddha, Buddha: everywhere.

It was a magical trip for us. It was made of favorite moments, a traveler’s dream experience. Thailand wrapped up all five of our senses and touched our lives. We can say it is our favorite because we would go back, in a heartbeat.

But it was not just the magic of the place that makes it fall to favorite. It is who we were there. We found ourselves free of the weight of the previous months. We had just taken travel a step further and moved overseas for B’s work. The Thailand trip was the light at the end of a long, stressful tunnel. I didn’t even tell him what we’d be doing there. I just worked on the trip until the wee hours of the morning: planning, researching, hoping he would love it and be able to relax.

The day we got on the plane, we grabbed hands and I felt like we could breathe again. The move had been everything we thought it would be. Challenging, hard…and now amazing because we were doing the main motivation for it: see all the Asia we could in the process.

Those amazing Thailand memories are what they are because of traveling with him by my side. It came after a tough season that we weathered together. His laughing eyes are what I saw swinging through the trees on the zip line by the gibbons. His strong arms paddling the kayak with me, my arms around his waist riding on the back of the moped. Clinking his glass in “cheers” as we ate smooth curries. Staring up at the stars and finding hope again for the days ahead.

Thailand is a fairytale. But sharing it with my spouse is what makes it a favorite for me. Once upon a time in Thailand we fell a little more in love.

About the Author

Lindsay is a military wife, mom, and writer. As a former professional dancer you can find her doing pirouettes in the kitchen whilst also flipping pancakes. She finds solace in hearing the sound of her sewing machine and a hot cup of coffee. A journal with scribbles is never far from her side, and being outdoors lifts her soul. She’s lived and traveled all over the world but believes there is always more to experience. Her blog Uplifting Anchor encourages mothers and military spouses.

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