Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Adjusting to Parenthood

If you've been following the blog for a while, then you'll know that we welcome a baby boy into the world back in February. Life since then has been full of changes and our blogging has been a bit scattered. We love being parents, but it has come with a lot of adjustments (and more than one 2am cry fest). Today, we thought we'd talk about some of those adjustments and how we've been handling them.

Parenthood is a whole new world - one filled with lots of adjustment on everyone's part. And some of these adjustments you just don't understand until you've had your first child (even though everyone warns you about them). Below are just a few of the things we've learned in our first few months as a parent. We'd love to hear what you learned with your child in the comments at the end!

Sleep is not guaranteed.
When you have a little newborn with many needs that he can't take care of himself, your sleep is at the mercy of those needs. Bedtimes and wake times are determined by more factors than just the alarm. We're neither one big nap lovers but we have found ourselves taking quite a few naps since the baby was born. Caffeine (with limits) can also help when a nap just isn't an option. Taking turns with the baby (when the husband's work schedule allows it) has also been a lifesaver. (And putting a nap ahead of other commtiments is more than okay! In fact, I paused this post for a nap opportunity.)

Spit up happens.
Our little one spits up a lot. This means we have learned that spit up is just going to be a part of our outfit from time to time. To piggy back off of this, you suddenly get quite comfortable with body fluids in general. I can't tell you how many times we have casually
 talked about poop since the baby was born.

The washer and dryer become your friend.
I can't even tell you how many loads of laundry we've done since the baby was born. I feel like we do at least one load a day. Between his clothes and ours, nothing seems to fall in the "wear again" category by the end of the day. We're definitely getting our exercise going up and down the basement stairs.

Toys seem to multiply.
At one point, I thought that the Coastie Baby didn't have very many toys so I added some to the registry. Now there are days that it feels like he has too many toys. (He really doesn't - they fit in two small storage containers.) It seems like I find new ones randomly. Luckily, he's finally starting to enjoy them!

A barking dog is your enemy during nap time.
We have two dogs. We love them greatly. However, when they bark during naptime, we end up holding our breath hoping the baby doesn't wake. So far, he's only woken a couple of times and usually goes right back to sleep. I think he heard them enough before he was born.

Survival is essential.
There are times when you feel like you're in survival mode - especially in those first couple of months. Your priorities shift and that's more than okay. The good news is that you do eventually move from "survive" to "thrive."

Sometimes you have to break the rules.
There are a lot of guidelines and rules out there when it comes to babies. They should sleep this way, eat that way, and achieve this milestone by this date. You could go crazy trying to follow every recommendation out there. There are times where you have to follow your instincts and do what you feel is best for your baby and family (within reason of course - common sense still matters!).

How many of these sound familiar to you? Are there any you would add to the list?

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