Thursday, August 24, 2017

Five of our Favorite Wines

Typically our Happy Hour posts focus on beer. We thought it would be fun to do something a little different this week and share a few of our favorite wines as well. We like trying new wines just as much as we enjoy trying new beers. Next week, we'll be bringing you our reviews of individual beers and wines as we try them.We can't wait to share our favorite (and not so favorite) drinks with you!

We discovered our love of wine while we were dating. We would go to the local wine store and pick out different ones. We often made our choices based on the labels. We've found some real gems this way.

1. Robert Mondavi - In December of 2015, we headed to Calistoga to celebrate our anniversary (a few months late). On our way, we decided to stop in at a random winery because we had some extra time. We randomly chose the Mondavi winery. The wife had tried their wines before but the winery added a special touch with it's impressive view and quiet atmosphere. It was a great way to start our trip and we quickly added Mondavi's Merlot to our list of go to wines.

2. Ghost Pines - This is our absolute favorite wine. We discovered it while we were dating in Charleston and it quickly became our go to wine. This is one that we definitely picked out based on the label, which is a neat looking tree. Sadly we can't find the Merlot here in Michigan but their other reds are still enjoyable.

3. Pessimist - This is a red wine that we discovered while we were living in California. California had an impressive number of wines to pick from and we were constantly picking new ones. This one, however, is one that we kept coming back to and picked up on numerous occassions.

4. Barefoot Moscato - This wine is a favorite of the wife and some of her friends. It's light and fruity and doesn't last long once it's open because it's such an easy one to drink. You can add it to Sprite for an bubbly spritzer on a hot day.

5. Fetzer - It's important to have at least one cheap wine that you enjoy. This was a random find of ours in California that we've also managed to find here in Michigan. It's much less expensive than some of our other favorites which makes it the perfect wine to use in the husband's mulled wine (recipe coming this winter!).

Are you a wine lover? Which ones would make your list?

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