Thursday, August 31, 2017

Happy Hour: Lexington Brewery

We love trying new craft beers which is why we started our Happy Hour, which brings you beer reviews every Thursday. We also love impromptu trips and discovering new places. This week, we're combining all of these loves into one. Last week, we randomly decided to pay a visit to Lexington, MI which is a cute village near us. (We still don't understand why Michigan has towns, cities, townships, villages, etc so please don't ask what a "village" is!)

Our original goal with Lexington was simply to enjoy a walk on a nice day. We took the stroller and parked at one end of the village before heading into the heart of things. On our way, we came up on the Lexington Brewery. We had noticed this place on our other visits to Lexington but this was the first time that we checked it out and we're so glad that we did.

Before we get into the reviews, I'd like to comment on the place itself. This is a small brewery set in a historic building. The owner and brewer were both on site when we visited. The owner was extremely friendly and we carried on a fun conversation about Zelda the moment I walked in the door. The brewer was just as friendly and stopped by our table to answer some questions that we had about the beers and their availability.

With a pleasant atmosphere and friendly staff, we were excited to share a flight of beers and we weren't disappointed. Below you'll find the five beers we tried during our visit. (A flight is four beers but somehow we ended up with an extra due to a mistake. Talk about accommodating!)

American Red Ale

From the menu - "American Red Ale is big, bold and hop forward. The citrusy hops balance the beer's higher alcohol level and specialty malts. The result: a beer flavor sensation. 66 IBU, 7.0% ABV"

This beer is medium to full bodied. To us, it was quite bitter and grainy. The description doesn't fail in describing the hops - it was indeed very hop forward. It's a red with a dry bitter taste afterwards. We recommend having a glass of water on hand! Once you got past the bitterness, there's a sweet overtone with the flavor of a typical red. In my opinion, the finish kills the red, so I can only give this one a 4/10 bottle caps.

Molly Malone Stout
From the menu: "Molly Malone Stout is an American Stout. This beer has a strong roasted flavor and aroma. 73 IBU, 7.2% ABV"

This beer has a full body and tastes like chocolate. It's very smooth and has a velvety mouth feel. There is an absence of hops in this beer. It would be good warm on a cold day - definitely a winter beer to sip on. It almost has a milkiness to it. In addition, there's a sweet aroma to be enjoyed. This has definitely made it among our favorites and deserves a solid 9/10 bottle caps.

Raspberry Apple Cider
From the menu: "Raspberry Apple Cider is an Apple Cider infused with raspberry goodness! 0 IBU, 7.0% ABV"

This is a cider with a definite apple flavor. It has a tart undertone that resembles that of a pear cider. It's crisp but you can still taste the fermenter in parts of it. It's light bodied and very clear. It's not overpoweringly sweet which is what earned it 9/10 bottle caps.

A Pilsner Please
From the menu: "A Pilsner Please is a classic American Pilsner with a clean, crisp, moderately hoppy taste. 35 IBU, 5.3% ABV"

This is the sample that we got by mistake so we don't feel that we can give it an honest review. We don't drink pilsners because they We did feel that this was exactly as expected for a pilsner. It seemed somewhat flavorless compared to the beers we normally select and had a grainy aftertaste. It has a dry finish that left us wanting water. If pilsners are your thing, then we recommend checking it out and letting us know your thoughts!

Sunshiny Day
From the menu: "Sunshiny Day is a lemon and peach flavored American wheat beer, just perfect for the summer. 20 IBU, 5.3% ABV"

The hoppiness in this beer is present but faint. It reminded me of a starburst when I first took a sip. It's light-medium bodied and very fruit. This is the perfect beer for summer. You can taste the citrus and peach in this one when you're drinking it. It has a cool refreshing wash in the mouth and you can't even tell that it was brewed with grains. This one is like a cider with the mildness and texture of a beer. It's definitely one for the back porch on a hot summer day! This one gets a solid 8/10 bottle cap rating.

If you have the time, hop over to the website of the Lexington Brewery and let us know which beer you would sample! Maybe we'll add it to our list for our next visit.

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